Siesta Key: Is Jordana Barnes getting a bigger role on the show?

Jordana Barnes of Siesta Key.
It looks like Jordana Barnes could get a bigger role on Siesta Key. Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

Sam Logan’s good friend Jordana Barnes has stirred up some trouble during her time on Siesta Key.

She caused issues in Sam’s relationship with Juliette Porter due to her flirtatious nature and medaling ways.

Jordana also stirred the pot with Camilla Cattaneo as she started to hook up with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Gomes.

Jordana lives with Sam in Miami and has been filming alongside him and the rest of the cast.

She’s even seemed to befriend some of the girls, including Cara Geswelli and Amanda Miller.

Some viewers have wondered whether Jordana would play a bigger role in the new season, and based on Sam’s recent post, it seems like she just might be.

Is Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes getting a bigger role?

News broke recently that Siesta Key OG Kelsey Owens was fired from the show.

The firing came as a shock to Kelsey and fans alike, and producers let her know abruptly while filming one of her final scenes for the season.

Kelsey’s exit has caused a lot of speculation amongst viewers as they wonder if production is taking a new direction with the show and bringing in some new cast members.

Sam’s recent Instagram post certainly plays into the gossip as he hinted that Jordana might be looking at a bigger role on the show next season.

He shared a post of the two of them riding in his car.

Sam wrote, “Picking up the star of the show and accidentally put my jersey on backwards [Jordana Barnes].”

Sam and Jordana riding in the car together.
Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram

It’s a mystery whether or not this means Jordana will actually get more screen time or whether Sam was just playing around.

Kelsey Owens upset over Siesta Key departure

Fans will have to wait and see what’s to come for Jordana, but it’s been confirmed that they won’t be seeing Kelsey on any new episodes.

Kelsey recently released a statement sharing her discontent with MTV for the way they handled her firing. She was completely blindsided and saddened by the way things played out.

She thanked her fans for always supporting her but was saddened by the change.

Her boyfriend, Max Strong, had a lot to say about MTV letting her go.

He blasted them on social media and accused them of being manipulative. He also shared that they created poor working conditions and a toxic environment.

MTV has yet to comment on the accusations or share more information regarding their casting decisions.

Siesta Key fans will have to wait and see how everything plays out once the new season airs.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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2 months ago

They should have gotten rid of jordana instead of Kelsey show is going to SUCK now!!!!!