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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Merrifields celebrate their 13th anniversary but Garrick only wants to talk about Roberta

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield and Roberta of Seeking Sister Wife
THe Merrifields celebrate their 13th anniversary Pic credit: TLC

This week on Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield celebrated 13 years of marriage, but all Garrick could talk about was Roberta.

Garrick and Dannielle decided on an outdoor meal together to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary, although they are no longer legally married.

Dannielle brought up the fact that this year’s anniversary celebration was a bit different than previous ones they’ve celebrated since they’re now looking to bring another wife into their relationship.

Garrick said that legally divorcing Dannielle has brought them closer and made them love each other more

Garrick immediately brought up the fact that they had to legally divorce in order to bring Roberta to the United States but claimed that going through the divorce has brought him and Dannielle closer together.

Even as Garrick toasted his first wife, he mentioned Roberta and said, “To an amazing 13 years. God’s kept us together and brought Bert. So, God wanted to give you an amazing sister,” before suggesting he and Dannielle take a “little film” to send to Bert.

Dannielle had a look of reluctance on her face as she agreed to film a video for Bert. The couple toasted their glasses and Garrick was sure to tell Roberta he loved her in the recording and blew her a kiss.

After their toast, Garrick continued talking exclusively about Roberta

“So I checked the K1 visa status today. Still no change,” Garrick said to Dannielle as they waited for their food at the table, “It’s kinda like, ugh, really?” he continued.

“Okay, well, it’s not my timing. But you know, Lord have mercy, please help us out. Do something, you know?” Garrick said to Dannielle as he continued talking about Roberta during his and Dannielle’s anniversary dinner.

Garrick then brought up having a baby with Roberta. Dannielle expressed that she understood Roberta’s desire to have babies right away, given her age.

Dannielle wasn’t sure it was the right timing for Garrick to be jumping into getting Bert pregnant just yet

“I do know that she is getting older, I know that you are, I know that our boys are getting older. You know? And I understand her desire to wanna have babies, but I wish that you would wait. I can’t lie,” Dannielle confessed to Garrick.

Garrick was speechless and had no reply to Dannielle’s request, but she continued selling her point to him.

“God forbid, what if her visa did get denied? What if she had a baby [in Brazil]? It could happen, you know?” Dannielle said to Garrick, who wasn’t buying what she was selling.

Garrick didn’t think putting babies on hold was the answer to their prayers

“I mean, yeah, but we can’t just stop our life,” Garrick responded before using scripture to try and get his point across to Dannielle.

“Take no thought for tomorrow for the troubles of today are enough,” he told Dannielle.

Garrick claimed that Dannielle was never “forced” into polygamy, saying it was her choice. Garrick convinced Dannielle to consider polygamy, as she wasn’t fully on board with the idea initially.

They even went through with a legal divorce, which seemed to be more painful for Dannielle than it was for Garrick.

Fans of the show ripped the couple for even considering taking their kids to Mexico to visit with Roberta, given the nature of their visit, which was solely to get Roberta pregnant.

Now that Roberta has arrived in Mexico to meet up with the Merrifields, fans of the show will have to wait another week to find out how Dannielle’s parents reacted to meeting their daughter’s sister wife.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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