Seeking Sister Wife spoilers: Garrick Merrifield says Dannielle isn’t being ‘forced’ into polygamy, God ‘hasn’t delivered her from jealousy’

Dannielle Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife
Garrick Merrifield said his first wife, Dannielle, isn’t being “forced” into plural marriage, and said God “hasn’t delivered her from jealousy” over her insecurities about Roberta. Pic credit: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield told cameras that his first wife, Dannielle, isn’t being “forced” into their plural marriage lifestyle and that God “hasn’t delivered her from jealousy” when talking about her insecurities about his second wife, Roberta.

In this week’s episode, Dannielle and Garrick returned back home to Buena Vista, Colorado from their trip to Mexico to see their potential sister wife, Roberta.

Dannielle wanted to ‘get some things off her chest’ when she and Garrick arrived home

Dannielle needed to “get some things off her chest” and talked to Garrick while they unpacked their luggage and brought up how she felt insecure during their trip when Garrick was intimate with Roberta so quickly.

She brought up how she felt jealous during their trip and wanted to know what Garrick was thinking about the situation, as she was obviously still struggling with what happened.

Garrick didn’t seem to think things were as big of a deal as Dannielle viewed them to be, and thought that Roberta reassuring Dannielle of her love for her should have been enough to keep her content.

Garrick claimed that a sudden kiss and a spark of passion led to him being intimate with Roberta

Of the intimacy that happened suddenly between himself and Roberta, Garrick explained to Dannielle, “All of a sudden I gave her a kiss and felt a passion with her,” causing Dannielle to take a deep breath as she tried to process his comments and probably relived the moment again in her mind.

Dannielle told Garrick, “I feel like you’re really, that your heart’s intention was, ‘I just wanna be alone with Roberta’ and I wish you would have just told me that.”

Garrick pretended that he didn’t know what Dannielle was talking about and responded, “What do you mean?”

Dannielle explained to Garrick that Roberta invited her to stay with them, and that Garrick said he wouldn’t be upset about it, which he agreed with.

However, Dannielle felt he had other intentions and told him, “But I think that in your heart you really just wanted to be alone with her.”

Garrick didn’t see how his way of thinking would bother Dannielle

“So why would it be wrong if I was thinking that way?” Garrick asked.

Dannielle explained that she didn’t think it was wrong for Garrick to think about being alone with Roberta, but she wanted him to understand that she wishes he would have been more upfront and honest with her about his intentions.

Dannielle admitted that in hindsight, she felt like a third wheel, being invited to stay with Garrick and Roberta, only for them to have sex, which made it seem as though they didn’t genuinely want her in the room with them.

Garrick thought that Dannielle was assuming that if he wanted to be intimate with Roberta and that if he didn’t get what he wanted, he’d be upset.

As Garrick continued to explain his thought process, Dannielle had tears flowing down her face

Garrick then tried to turn the situation around on Dannielle, and asked her what she would have done if she was in his situation and wanted to be intimate.

Again, Dannielle had trouble with the conversation, as she fought back tears and grew frustrated, and admitted that she felt “ridiculous” about being present, while Garrick knew at the moment that he wanted to be intimate with Roberta.

Garrick claimed that Dannielle isn’t ‘being forced’ to live a plural lifestyle

“Seeing her get emotional in these instances, do you ever worry that she might just be doing this for you? And that deep down she has concerns or maybe wants to not live this way?” a producer asked Garrick during a solo interview.

Garrick answered, “No, I don’t have concerns that Dannielle thinks that she’s being forced or some way to live this way. I think without a doubt she’s totally convinced that God led this to her in her life, to bless her and that she’s not just, you know, doing it ’cause it’s what I wanted.”

Garrick told cameras that ‘God hasn’t delivered’ Dannielle from jealousy’

During his solo confessional, Garrick told cameras, “Dannielle is really emotional, and we’re running around in circles because God hasn’t delivered her from jealousy.”

“I’m praying and trusting that soon He’ll take that away, she’ll see clearly on this whole matter, and we’ll be able to work through this because we decided together to live this way, and so we’ve got other people involved and we can’t just say we’re not going to do this anymore,” he added.

Fans of the show have accused Garrick of using religion as an excuse to sleep with multiple women and most viewers aren’t fond of him and think of him as “creepy” and have urged Dannielle to leave the relationship.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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