Roy Orbison Jr. opens up about what viewers didn’t see during his Below Deck Med Season 6 stint

Below Deck Med: Roy Orbison Jr dishes his second stint on the Bravo show.
Roy revealed a juicy moment from Below Deck Med that didn’t make the episode. Pic credit: Bravo

Roy Orbison Jr. has opened up about what viewers didn’t see during his Below Deck Season 6 stint, and it’s a lot.

The talented musician, his wife Asa, their two boys Roy III and Bo happily returned to the yachting show for the second time. It turns out the Orbison family are super fans of the Below Deck franchise, especially Captain Sandy Yawn.

Below Deck Med fans know Roy Jr.’s second time on the show was quite different from the first. Well, Roy has revealed there is oh so much more that viewers didn’t see play out on screen.

The pressure, the longest charter and letting loose

Roy Jr is an open book when it comes to dishing his love of Below Deck Mediterranean.

That’s exactly what happened when he appeared on Gangplank Report podcast, hosted by Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang and blogger Jen Bennington. Both are super fans of the hit franchise.

During the chat, Roy revealed what he calls a three-day breakdown that happens with crew and guests due to the pressure of being on television.

“It happened to me. It happened both times and the people we were with. The pressure is palpable. Being on TV brings up your own personal issues,” he expressed.

Roy also spilled that the Orbison family and friends trip was the longest charter of the season. They were on the Lady Michell for five days and four nights. However, when their charter aired, it was cut down to one night and two episodes in editing.

“In both episodes we did, there was a lot of action with the crew. However silly I was they outdid us in every way,” the musician said.

Roy shares the story that almost ended his charter

Although the group had a fantastic time on Lady Michelle with the Season 6 crew, the charter almost ended on day one.

Roy shared a juicy story involving a possible robbery, third stew Courtney Veale and him shutting down the show.

“I have this Elvis Presley TCB necklace. I took it off because we go in the water a lot and I didn’t want to lose it. I took it on the show because it’s one of my most prized possessions. It was actually Elvis’ necklace, this is the one,” Roy explained.

“I put it down by the bed in the room in a, and we come back it after the first day, and the thing is missing. It doesn’t take 10 seconds to look around and realize nobody should be in our room in the main quarters. It’s in this little dish by the bed. I called in Courtney, and she didn’t know about it. I was ready to call off the show.”

The fourth wall was broken with production coming in but still filming. One producer asked Roy to repeat what he said, and Roy was not having it. Literally, the singer thought it was stolen and informed production the show was over. They were done.

“There so much crew more than you see, and I just thought who is dumb enough to swipe my thing. Someone working here for the day, you know, this is this stupidest place to try and rob anyone ever,” he shared. “Courtney is nearly crying, and I am looking around. Then we look over, and it’s on the handle of one of the little nightstand handles hanging there. We realize the level it was at it was my 3-year-old Bo.”

Even though Roy knows the story would have made such good TV, none of it made the cut.

Roy Orbison Jr. had a lot to say about his latest stint on Below Deck Mediterranean, including that his family got stuck in Croatia after filming due to rising COVID-19 cases in the United States.

Plus, before filming, the group was in quarantine with bodyguards watching their every move. If one member of the group left quarantine, everyone would have been kicked off the show. The charter would not have happened.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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