Rhylee Gerber opens up to Below Deck fans about transformative cosmetic procedure she had

Rhylee Gerber
Rhylee Gerber showed off a cosmetic procedure she had done to Below Deck fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans heard from alumni deckhand Rhylee Gerber about a transformative cosmetic procedure she recently had done.

Rhylee used her Instagram stories to show off her new upper lip to fans and explained that she had lip filler. The video appeared to be prompted by different comments she had been receiving from fans about speculation over her lips.

In her video, Rhylee talked about being criticized by Below Deck viewers for the way her upper lip looked and she admitted that it was very thin.

Rhylee confidently drew attention to her enhanced lip and touted the results as well as the medspa she went to. She also made a comment about plastic surgery in general and how she was against it.

Below Deck viewers watched Rhylee on Seasons 6 and 7 of Below Deck where Rhylee’s big personality clashed with some of the other crew. Rhylee showed how hard she worked and often got upset when she was not recognized for her skill or effort and was critical of those in leadership.

Rhylee Gerber opened up to Below Deck fans about her lip fillers

Rhylee made a stories-long video on Instagram where she talked about her new fuller lips thanks to lip filler.

She said, “I’m stoked about it because it still looks so natural but some of you have noticed that my upper lip is a little fuller.”

She continued, “You wanna know why that is? Because I had two units of Cheveux injected in my upper lip. Just above it to help give me a little jushh, a little jushh. Cause I didn’t have any upper lips as a lot of you other f*****s mentioned from the show. You called me a pirana. Rude.”

Rhylee also remarked excitedly, “Every time I smiled my lip would go away, but look! It’s still there!”

Rhylee ended her thought on her lips by saying, “And you know I love plastic surgery in the event that it makes you feel better but I don’t think you should get cosmetic plastic surgery and look like you had it. And in this case, Dr. Adrian was so conservative with me and so spot on.”

Rhylee Gerber's Instagram stories
Rhylee was excited about the results of her lip fillers. Pic credit: @thelifeofrhylee/Instagram

Rhylee Gerber worked with Kate Chastain during her last two seasons with Below Deck

Even though Rhylee worked on deck and Kate Chastain managed the interior team, Rhylee and Kate worked one and a half charter seasons together since Rhylee came in as a replacement on Season 7 in Thailand.

Rhylee was there for Kate’s last two rocky seasons.

Since appearing on the show, Kate has been enjoying the home that she bought in Florida that happens to be above where chef Ben Robinson lives.

She loves spending time with her dog when she is not jet-setting, and she appears on the Below Deck spinoff Galley Talk where she gives commentary on current seasons.

Kate also noted that she would love to be a charter guest on every spinoff but would not return to being chief stew.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus.

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