Fans are furious over the way Rhylee Gerber was treated on Below Deck

Fans defend Rhylee Gerber on Below Deck.
Social media is buzzing about the terrible way the men on Below Deck have acted towards Rhylee Gerber. Pic credit: Bravo

After yet another upsetting episode, Below Deck fans are furious at the way the boys’ club treated Rhylee Gerber.

Social media is in an uproar over Tanner Sterback, Kevin Dobson, Brian de Saint Pern, and Ashton Pienaar verbally attacking Rhylee, as well as blatantly excluding her from everything.

Viewers watched as neither Tanner nor Ashton could move over to give Rhylee a seat at the table during lunch. It was obvious they were doing it out of spite, especially when Tanner gave Ashton a devious look.

Tanner eventually got up, but by that point, Rhylee had enough and went to eat alone in her bunk.

Ashton has done everything in his power to paint Rhylee in a bad light to the other deckhands. From the second he was told she was Abbi Murphy’s replacement, Ashton has been gunning for Rhylee.

The conflict between the boys and Rhylee has gotten so bad that fans are taking sides. Right now, Queen Rhylee is winning.

One user is suggesting a reunion show, fight club style, so Rhylee and Ashton can hash out all of their drama. The user is 100% betting that Rhylee could take out Smasthon, finally putting him in his place.

Along those same lines, another Twitter user doesn’t understand why Rhylee has not put a beat down on the boys. Not only do they all deserve it, but the fan is sure she could give them all a good kick in the pants.

Social media is not happy with the way Rhylee Gerber is treated on Below Deck. Fans are sounding off after weeks of watching the boys disrespect her. There is one set of standards for the boys and another for Rhylee.

If she had overslept the way Tanner did, Ashton would not have nicely walked to her bunk to wake her up. Nope, he would have lost it on Rhylee, making a federal case out of it to all the guys.

Ashton didn’t even yell at Tanner or reprimand him for being late.

Fans have had it with the boys’ club on Below Deck. Rhylee is no angel, but fans feel she deserved to be treated better than the way Ashton, Kevin, Tanner, and Brain did throughout the season.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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petra avila
petra avila
2 years ago

first off Rhylee was treated bad because she’s an asshole. Rhylee, has a bad temper, she was disrespectful to the guys especially her super, so what did she expect. I also think Ashton was a dick