A throwback photo of Below Deck alumni Rhylee Gerber shows her transformation

Rhylee Gerber
Below Deck star Rhylee Gerber’s stunning looks today can be compared to a throwback photo. Pic credit: TLC

Rhylee Gerber starred in Seasons 6 and 7 of Below Deck and was known for her firecracker nature, hard work ethic, and beauty as she got into crew altercations as well as romances.

The 36-year-old Alaska native, who has made a name for herself on social media as well, did have a physical transformation that a Below Deck fan page highlighted in a recent post.

Comparing Rhylee from her younger days to now gives fans more perspective about where Rhylee comes from and what she used to look like.

An old photo of Below Deck star Rhylee Gerber shows her transformation

A popular Below Deck fan page on Instagram put the spotlight on what Rhylee looked like back in her old school days versus what viewers know her to look like today.

The page took a recent photo of Rhylee wearing a cowboy hat and put it above a much older picture of her that they said was a, “2001 year book photo.”

It is very easy to tell that the year book photo is indeed of Rhylee just during her teenage years. The black and white photo shows her with bangs and a smile but onlookers can’t distinguish her by her vibrant naturally red hair.

Who is Rhylee Gerber most like from Season 9 of Below Deck?

Rhylee was a coveted part of the deck crew on Season 6 so much so that Captain Lee called upon her to voyage to Thailand to help the deck crew out mid-season.

The issue Rhylee repeatedly had on the show was controlling her temper and fighting the feeling that she wasn’t being given a fair shake when it came to opportunities. She got in many arguments with her fellow deck team and was repeatedly criticized for the hot and quick way she defended herself.

Some of Rhylee’s qualities can be spotted in Rayna Lindsey who has proved herself to be someone who does not entertain attitude from anybody. Rayna has had to stand up for herself on deck and in relations with her fellow crew and the way she goes about mounting a defense is similar to the way Rhylee held herself.

Rayna Lindsey
Rayna’s spirited nature and hard work ethic are comparable to that of Rhylee’s. Pic credit: Bravo

Rhylee and Rayna also have boat romances in common although Rhylee comes off as more of a romantic.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Keri Simpson
Keri Simpson
2 years ago

Ummmmm, 1st off…there are No similarities between the 2. You’re trying to set rayna up to look Angry. If she had a Bad attitude like ryhlee she’d have fought that white broad for saying a damn racial slur.