RHONJ viewers call out ‘bully’ Teresa Giudice for body-shaming Margaret Josephs

Teresa Guidice on WWHL
Teresa Giudice was called out for body-shaming Margaret Josephs on RHONJ. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice came in hot on a recent episode, and viewers aren’t behind some of the things she said.

Margaret Josephs and Teresa aren’t on the best of terms, which was made very clear in the episode. However, when Teresa body-shamed Margaret, viewers weren’t impressed.

After Margaret chose not to wear leggings from Teresa’s workout line and the women exchanged comments in the room ahead of the softball game, Gia Giudice clapped back at Margaret for not supporting her mom.

As the game was shown, Teresa was heard talking about Margaret’s butt jiggling in the leggings she chose to wear, which had viewers taking to social media to call the RHONJ OG a “bully.”

RHONJ viewers call Teresa Giudice out for body-shaming Margaret Josephs

After seeing the recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, social media lit up. Teresa Giudice’s remarks about Margaret Josephs’ butt weren’t well-received, and viewers called her out.

One viewer wrote, “@Teresa_Giudice come on. Body shaming? That isn’t really ‘women supporting women’ like you wanted is it? Wow. Thought you turned a new leaf but I see your leopard spots girl #RHONJ I agree with @MargaretJosephs on this-good for not wearing the clothes [facepalm emoji]”

Pic credit: @Azucarcubanita/Twitter

Another wrote, “Teresa Giudice is a bully masquerading as a bad comedian. And now she’s dragging her soldier daughter on #RHONJ do her dirty work.”

Pic credit: @SimianGiudice/Twitter

A third chimed in with, “Omg @Teresa_Giudice you’re so disappointing. I don’t care how mad you are, body shaming is an all time low. @Andy why is this tolerated. She’s turned into such a bully! #growup”

Pic credit: @danacruz311/Twitter

Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs feud continues throughout season

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been filled with drama, and things between Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice are coming to a head.

Teresa doesn’t like that Margaret has questions about Luis Ruelas, which is fueling the fire. The two butted heads on the recent episode, and from there, things escalated.

The Season 12 reunion taping is coming up, and things will be rehashed there. Teresa Giudice isn’t happy with Margaret Josephs, and at this point, their friendship may be a lost cause.

Despite Teresa Giudice’s distaste for Margaret Josephs’ questions about Louie, the body-shaming was a bit much.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Teresa is nothing but a bully. She is spreading thus narrative and she needs to be stopped. Andy, please remove this horrible ‘role model’ from this show. Who is she encouraging??? More bullies? Please stop this this!