RHONJ: Jennifer Aydin shares update on relationship with her mom, says ‘time heals all wounds’

RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin shares that she and mom Josephine are back on speaking terms
Things have improved between Jennifer Aydin and her mom. Pic credit:Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin recently shared some good news about the relationship with her mom, Josephine. It seems they’ve patched up their differences after a rough season on the show, which we witnessed not long ago.

At one point, the Jersey Housewife even shared that she and Josephine were not on speaking terms, but Jennifer recently confirmed on social media that they have reconciled.

Jennifer Aydin and her mom are working things out

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star recently posted a photo of her family on Instagram, and Josephine was also included in the picture.

Jennifer shared an update along with the post and told fans that the relationship with her mother has drastically improved since we last saw them on the show.

“I’m happy to announce that my mother and I made up! People with strong family values find their way back to each other, eventually-time heals all wounds!” wrote the mom-of-five. “We are in Turkey together enjoying our newest addition, John Brian, who seems to already be obsessed with his Aunt Jenn! I love you, Mommy and I’m sorry that I hurt you?? Let’s get this family back together!”

Jennifer’s rocky relationship with her mom played out this season, and she even got flack from castmate Melissa Gorga during their altercation for airing her family drama on TV.

“I think your the one that uses everyone around you for storyline let’s be real. YOUR WHOLE FAMILY. Nothing ever about you. Got anything new?!” wrote Melissa.

Jennifer of course clapped back and retorted, “I am my family and I share it- more than you ever had the guts to do.”

Jennifer and her mom had issues this season

A few weeks ago Jennifer gave an update on the relationship with her mom and shared that they were in therapy to work on their issues.

Some of those issues stem from Josephine’s treatment of Jennifer’s dad, which led to an argument between mother and daughter.

My mother and I, we got into a fight a couple of months ago and we haven’t spoken since,” shared the 44-year-old in a past interview.

“She does not answer my father’s calls at all. She wants nothing to do with my father. I think she blames the fight that I had with her on my father. It technically was because of my father. Ultimately, it’s because my mom just can’t accept the fact that I’m trying to make everybody happy here,” added the Real Housewives of New Jersey star.

Luckily for Jennifer, things have taken a turn for the better between her and Josephine, but as for whether her mom and dad are back on speaking terms, that remains to be seen.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion Part Two airs Wednesday, May 26 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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