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Jennifer Aydin not on speaking terms with her mom, says they’re both starting therapy

Jennifer Aydin stars on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Jennifer Aydin discussed her tense relationship with her mother in a new interview. Bravo/Rodolfo Martinez

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin admitted that she is not on speaking terms with her mother Josephine. She also claimed they are both starting therapy.

Much of their personal difficulties have to do with the relationship issues between Josephine and her husband John, Jennifer’s parents.

Jennifer revealed that her relationship with her mother was not always strained.

In fact, she admitted that when she was young, she was quite close with her mother.

“I was never close with my dad growing up, it was always me and my mom,” said Jennifer of her father in a new interview.

“She thinks that if I choose my dad living here then that means I am choosing only him,” explained the RHONJ star.

Jennifer said the family is starting therapy

She admitted that is not the case.

“Maybe she just needs some space,” Jennifer claimed.

The television personality admitted that her mother is starting therapy, and her clan has spoken about family therapy as well. Jennifer claimed she is starting therapy on her own with her mother’s doctor to gain a perspective outside of Josephine’s.

Jennifer is hopeful the therapist can be a mediator and help to integrate the family back into one another’s lives.

She said that just like her father doesn’t care when Jennifer does things for her mother, she wants her mother to have the same respect for her when she does things for her dad.

Jennifer wants each of her parents to stay in their own lane and she will referee as much as she can.

Jennifer claimed to be in the middle of both parents is ‘exhausting’

The RHONJ star said there are times when her husband Bill asks her when her life is going to become her own.

She claimed Bill loves it that she cares about her siblings and her parents, but he gently reminded her that she has her own children and husband to think about. Jennifer does not like to complain about her circumstances as her husband will remind her that she does not have to take on everyone else’s problems as her own.

However, she said that for as much as Bill does not like that Jennifer continues to absorb the issues between her family members, he loves her for her big heart, and she has never felt the need to stop being who she was around him.

Jennifer said that is now what she’s about. She never said she was the type that could cut the chord with their family.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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