RHONJ fans tell Rachel Fuda ‘Go away’ as she ‘prays’ for Jennifer Aydin’s firing

RHONJ star Rachel Fuda
RHONJ fans throw shade at Rachel Fuda. Pic credit: Bravo

The always outspoken Rachel Fuda is not hiding her desire to have castmate Jennifer Aydin fired from the show.

In fact, Rachel is praying that the mom of five will be fired next season.

She expressed that sentiment during a recent interview but got backlash and a few shady retorts from The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans.

Some people came to Jennifer’s defense, claiming Rachel was the one who they wanted gone from the show.

Rachel isn’t the only one who thinks Jennifer should be axed after she started a nasty fight with Danielle Cabral in Episode 8.

During a heated conversation, Jennifer pushed the Boujie Kidz founder, and she reacted by hitting Jennifer.

RHONJ fans blasted Jennifer’s actions — because it wasn’t the first time she tried to get physical with a cast member — but some people defended Jennifer on social media.

Rachel is not one of those people; she wants the 47-year-old off the show.

Rachel Fuda wants Jennifer Aydin fired after her physical altercation

Rachel was a recent guest on Radio Andy’s The Talk of Shame, and she didn’t hold back from her feelings when asked about Jennifer Aydin.

In a snippet posted on Instagram, host Kiki Monique asked the RHONJ star if Jennnifer was leaving the show.

“I can only hope,” retorted Rachel. “I mean can we send some prayers up to Jesus and get some answered prayers here, because I can only hope and pray.”

Despite those hopes and prayers, the brunette beauty has no control over who stays and who goes, and for now, they still don’t know what will happen next season.

“Like Andy has said so many times, we don’t know anything that’s going on,” Rachel confessed.

“We’re just living our lives, and we don’t know really anything, and I think that would probably not be something that we would know for a little while, but fingers crossed.”

RHONJ viewers tell Rachel Fuda to ‘go away’

After a clip of Rachel’s interview was posted on Instagram, RHONJ viewers bashed her online.

“We want you to leave,” retorted a commenter.

“Go away, Whoville! You are not a fan favorite,” said someone else.

An RHONJ viewer said, “Put Rachel in the basket with Janet of bravo cast members that keep trying to be the favorite and we absolutely hate.”

Someone defended Jennifer, saying, “Let’s say prayers that Bravo hears this and sends the Fuda’s packing. Jen Aydin brings the drama to reality TV. Sorry Rachel 👋.”

Another commenter said, “Thoughts and prayers to Rachel’s nose 🙏 I hope we never see ski slope again on tv.”

RHONJ critics bash Rachel Fuda
Pic credit: @thetalkofshame/Instagram

If you had to choose between Jennifer Aydin and Rachel Fuda, which would you want to stay on the show?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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