RHONJ’s Rachel Fuda had the best clapback for comment about her ‘bad nose job’

RHONJ star Rachel Fuda
Rachel Fuda claps back at a troll. Pic credit: Bravo

Rachel Fuda responded perfectly to a troll who wrote a nasty comment about her appearance

This time, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star didn’t delete the rude remark, as she’s confessed to doing in the past. Instead, she issued a funny clapback. 

Rachel had some time on her hands as she enjoyed a getaway to the Jersey Shore with her family. 

She’s been chatting with her social media followers now that she has a slew of supporters, thanks to her growing popularity on RHONJ

Rachel and her husband, John Fuda, have gained the respect of long-time viewers after going head-to-head with Teresa Giudice and showing no sign of backing down. 

The couple has gained plenty of enemies as well, and the Teresa stans have set their sights on the duo, bashing them online any chance they get.

However, we’ve already learned that Rachel is never one to back down, so when a troll left a nasty comment about her nose, she didn’t let it slide.

RHONJ star Rachel Fuda claps back at ‘bad nose job’ comment 

Rachel Fuda jumped on the TikTok trend where a rude comment is shown on the screen but read aloud as something more complimentary.

The RHONJ star shared a rude message with her 88,000 followers that read, “Shut up bad nose job.”

Instead, Rachel hilariously read the message: “You are so gorgeous. I am obsessed with you. Where did you get your nose done? I love your hair, and you are so gorgeous inside out.”

She then responded, “Aww, thank you; you’re so sweet,” and blew a kiss to the camera.

The 33-year-old received over 500 comments and thousands of likes in response to her funny clapback.

Rachel and Teresa Giudice are battling it out for viewers

Meanwhile, Rachel scored another victory over Teresa during her stint on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

Her appearance on the late-night show following the recent episode brought in more viewers than her nemesis, Teresa.

The OG takes the title for being a guest on WWHL more times than anyone else, and her last appearance a few weeks ago raked in 453,000 viewers in the 18 to 49 demographic.

However, Rachel’s sit-down with Andy, which took place only days ago, topped Teresa’s, as the newbie brought in 515,000 viewers.

Are you shocked that Rachel Fuda was able to pull in more late-night viewers than Teresa Giudice? Sound off in the comment section below.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Alicia Weiss
Alicia Weiss
15 days ago

Teresa needs to get out of her self centered bubble. You’re a disgrace to women your age! You need to go back and learn some manners! With your arrogant ways, it makes you look stupid.

Maria DiNapoi
Maria DiNapoi
14 days ago

Rachel is pretty, smart, kind, and strong. Rachel respects people’s boundaries. Cannot realize any of this in Theresa.