RHONJ: Dina Manzo slams Bravo for promoting Caroline Manzo special

Dina Manzo on WWHL
Dina Manzo is fed up with Bravo for promoting a special with Caroline Manzo Pic credit: Bravo

Former star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina Manzo, is not happy with Bravo’s decision to promote Caroline Manzo’s special and she has no problem saying so.

The two sisters have been feuding in the media due to Caroline’s support for Dina’s ex-husband Tommy Manzo, who is also Caroline’s brother-in-law. Tommy allegedly hired a mobster to break into Dina’s home and attack her and her husband David Cantin back in 2017.

Tommy was later charged with hiring the mobster to carry out the attack in exchange for a discounted wedding at the Brownstone event center owned by the Manzos.

Originally when news spread about the incident, Caroline said it was a difficult situation due to having family members on both sides and that she would wait for the facts to come out before she shared an opinion.

Caroline made her allegiance known after she supported Tommy as a character witness, clearly going against her sister Dina.

Dina, who has typically remained private about her family drama, had no problem supporting her friends and her daughter who spoke out about Caroline’s actions on social media.

Now, Bravo has promoted a special with Caroline to catch up on her life, and Dina and fans are not happy about it.

Dina Manzo and fans slam Bravo for supporting violence

Bravo shared a sneak peek of a catch up special with Caroline via Twitter and followers were quick to come to Dina’s defense and called out Bravo’s poor decision making.

A fan felt that the promotion was “a slap in the face” to Dina, especially after Caroline supported a criminal who “attacked her sister so badly she needed reconstructive surgery.”

Dina replied to the fan in agreement and felt Bravo’s promotion was done in “very poor taste” and admitted it was “extremely hurtful.”

Dina blasts Bravo for supporting Caroline
Dina blasts Bravo for supporting Caroline Pic credit: @dinamanzo/Twitter

The fan continued and said they didn’t think Bravo should have “caught up” with Caroline at all and said they were “disgusted.”

Dina responded and shared that she was “shocked they turn their heads to such violence” and felt that Caroline “got to them too” with her lies.

Dina is shocked Bravo would "turn their head to such violence."
Dina is shocked Bravo would “turn their head to such violence.” Pic credit: @dinamanzo/Twitter

Another fan agreed with Dina’s sentiments and felt that Bravo should not air people who support criminals and violent activity.

Dina is done keeping her mouth shut about her family drama

Dina has made it clear that she no longer cares to keep her family drama behind closed doors after Caroline’s betrayal.

When one critic on Twitter told her that she should “keep her family issues private.”

Dina replied, “I have for 11 years, I’m done being quiet.”

Dina is "done being quiet" about her family drama
Dina is “done being quiet” about her family drama Pic credit: @dinamanzo/Twitter

Dina recently exchanged words with her nephew, Albie Manzo, after he teased a podcast tell-all about the drama.

It’s clear Dina has had enough of being disrespected by her family and has no problem speaking out about it. Bravo is the latest to feel Dina’s wrath and it looks like the family drama is far from over.

Bravo has yet to acknowledge Dina’s comments.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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