RHONJ: Caroline Manzo’s son teases podcast tell-all about drama with Dina — See her response

caroline and dina manzo
Trouble continues to brew between sisters Caroline and Dina Manzo after Caroline’s son Albie appeared to slam his aunt in a social media comment. Pic credit: ©

Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Albie Manzo, son of Caroline Manzo, teased a podcast tell-all where the tea will be spilled about his mom’s drama with his aunt Dina Manzo. Her reaction was quite unexpected.

Albie shared a photo of the Asbury Park, New Jersey skyline, where he and his brother Chris have transformed Asbury Park’s Berkeley Oceanfront hotel to redo the venue’s catering space, outdoor terrace, and poolside bar and lounge.

Albie and Chris’ venture appears to have separated them from their family-owned catering hall, the Brownstone.

The photograph seemed innocuous enough, but in the comments section of the post, harsh words flew fast between Albie and his Aunt Dina.

“Oh, and real quick before anyone gets excited that someone w with last name Manzo posted something so this is your clown a** chance to leave baseless comments like you think you “know” something. I haven’t been silent, I’ve been busy. But I’ve had just about enough of this bulls**t and you’ll be hearing from me soon, don’t you worry,” he wrote in a comment seen below.

He addressed his mother Caroline and said, “In the meantime…Momma bear, you’re the strongest woman I know. I love and admire you more than you will ever understand.”

albie manzo
Albie Manzo spoke out regarding the lingering family drama between his mother Caroline and his Aunt Dina in the comments section of an Instagram post. Pic credit: Instagram

Dina responded to Albie’s comment

In true Real Housewives fashion, Dina was quick with a clapback, which has since been deleted.

“Ohhhh shocking…going to speak about it on his podcast for the downloads,” the former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member responded to the post, reported Page Six. “Unfortunately this will just be a ‘storyline’ to profit from. What a shame.”

The Manzo family made headlines after Dina’s ex, Tommy Manzo was arrested after he reportedly hired a New Jersey mobster to beat up Dina’s boyfriend by dangling the prospect of a cut-rate deal on a flashy wedding reception at the Manzo-owned Brownstone catering hall. Tommy was accused of giving Mafia soldier John Perna a discounted wedding in exchange for a 2015 attack on Dave Cantin, reported The New York Times.

Perna, who prosecutors said was a member of the Lucchese crime family, pleaded guilty to his role in the plot.

The attack happened a month before Mr. Perna’s wedding, when he and one of his associates surprised Mr. Cantin outside a strip mall in Passaic County in northern New Jersey and beat him, according to the indictment. 

Dina and Caroline remain estranged

real housewives of new jersey
The original cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey included Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub, Dina Manzo, and Caroline Manzo. Pic credit: Bravo

Dina and her sister Caroline, both who appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey during Seasons 1 and 2, were very close. However, a rift emerged after Dina began dating Caroline’s brother-in-law Tommy. The couple would eventually marry.

In 2018 Dina spoke to Reality Blurb where she revealed the following about the breakdown of their sisterly bond.

“I think what happened was, you know, there’s always some competition in families, so everyone loved when I was like the poor sister when I was working my a** off or whatever,” she said.

“Although she encouraged me dating her brother-in-law [Dina’s ex-husband Tommy Manzo], I don’t think she loved it too much when I kinda came to her level, as far as like ‘I have a range rover, I got a house in Franklin Lakes,’ so I think that’s where it started,” she admitted.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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