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RHONJ cast weigh in on Teresa Giudice’s relationship with boyfriend Luis Ruelas

The cast weighs in on Teresa's new man.
The cast weighs in on Teresa’s new man. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast revealed what they really think about Teresa’s new relationship with Luis Ruelas.

Us Weekly compiled a video of Dolores Catania, Melissa Gorga, and Jackie Goldschneider sharing what they thought of Teresa’s new hunk and how the relationship has affected her.

Dolores is all for Teresa’s love connection.

“That relationship is hot!” Dolores exclaimed. “That is great.”

She also thinks Teresa’s new relationship has actually changed her. For the past several years, Teresa has had to have her guard up. She lost both her parents, had to go to jail, and went through a divorce after her husband was deported to Italy.

Dolores thinks that Luis has brought out her vulnerable side.

“You’re gonna see some changes as I know. I’ve been through it. When you find a man to be gentle with you and you’ve been so hard your whole life,” Dolores explains. “You’ve had to survive. You detach yourself from things and you can’t get emotional because then you’re not going to survive walking into a jail or you’re not going to survive a crazy divorce.”

“A guy with his softness can really break you down,” she adds. “So we’re gonna see a different side of Teresa.”

During the RHONJ Season 11 premiere, Teresa still had that edge, so it will be intriguing to see her go through that transformation.

Melissa’s not sure about this new relationship yet

Melissa is more cautious toward the relationship than Dolores. She found herself immersed in the drama with Joe Giudice since she’s married to Teresa’s brother, so she’s reportedly a bit more apprehensive.

“I wish them happiness and I hope everything’s great. But it’s new, it’s the beginning so you never know,” Melissa admits. “He seems like a nice guy so we’ll see what happens.”

Melissa also adds that she and Joe have hung out with the couple.

“When she was just getting to know him we went on a couple double dates,” she shares. “So it’s been nice to double date with her again because we haven’t done that in forever.”

Also, Melissa inversely stated that she doesn’t think Teresa’s new relationship has changed her much.

Jackie hopes the relationship will make Teresa a less ‘unhappy’ person

Jackie admittedly doesn’t know too much about Luis. However, she was the target of Teresa after she was recently divorced and alone.

After Teresa spread rumors that Jackie’s husband was cheating on her, Jackie seems to hope that Teresa’s new boyfriend will keep her busy enough to not have time to spread more rumors.

“I never met him and it was really new by the time we finished filming so I’m not sure,” Jackie states.

She continues, “Only unhappy people do bad things so I’m hoping that if she’s a happy person, she’ll do less bad things.”

However, for the time being, things are still heating up between Jackie and Teresa on RHONJ. Now that Teresa spread rumors about Evan, and Jackie brought up a rumor about Teresa’s daughter, Gia, nothing’s off-limits.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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