RHOD: Tiffany Moon talks social media feud with Kary Brittingham, says they’re in a ‘sour place’

RHOD newbie Tiffany Moon talks drama with Kary Brittingham and admits their not in a good place
Tiffany Moon talks online feud with Kary Brittingham. Pic credit:Bravo

The ongoing drama between Tiffany Moon and her Real Housewives of Dallas castmate Kary Brittingham is heating up.

And the women even took their feud to social media in a war-of-words a few weeks ago.

While viewers are just now seeing the drama play out on TV, filming ended months ago.

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Unfortunately, Tiffany and Kary have not been able to mend their rift, at least not yet.

The newbie recently admitted that things are still not in a good place between her and the 50-year-old.

But, who knows, maybe they can hash things out when the RHOD reunion rolls around.

Tiffany Moon had a bonding moment with Kary Brittingham

The Real Housewives of Dallas newbie came on the scene with a bang, and fans have are loving how bold and outspoken Tiffany has been.

One person who’s not quite taken with Tiffany is second-season cast member Kary Brittingham.

And things are not looking good for their friendship.

During a recent chat with Danny Pellegrino, the MD opened up about her tense relationship with her costar.

“You know I was ready to bury the hatchet…” admitted Tiffany. “ We didn’t start off on the right foot, but then actually you will see in future episodes that we actually have a touching moment.”

Their touching moment came as the women bonded over shared issues of struggling to connect with their mothers.

However, the bonding moment was short-lived.

“I think it’s so weird in real life when you look at things that have been said about you months prior. And then you have social media …” explained Tiffany.

And speaking of social media, the mom-of-two had it out with Kary online not so long ago.

Tiffany Moon and Kary Brittingham \are in a sour place

During her chat, the Real Housewives of Dallas star explained what really started the social media feud with her costar.

She came out on social media and called me a snake. Like that was just put out there,” remarked Tiffany.

She continued,” And we can talk, we can disagree , all those sorts of things. But when you go on social media publicly and call me a snake I’m not gonna take kindly to that.”

“So I think that then instigated a number of mean tweets back and forth, which we are both guilty of, that has now left us in a sour place that I hope we can recover from,” added the RHOD star.

Dr. Tiffany Moon (Real Housewives of Dallas) on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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