RHOBH Lisa Rinna takes aim at Sutton Stracke for trying to ‘humiliate’ her and Harry Hamlin

RHOBH Lisa Rinna
RHOBH Lisa Rinna goes after Sutton Stracke for trying to “humiliate her.” Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended on a dramatic note. 

Lisa Rinna went after Sutton Stracke for trying to “humiliate” her and her husband, Harry Hamlin. 

During a Watch What Happens Live episode before the current season aired, Sutton said that Lisa and her husband are ungrateful. 

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She revealed they never thanked her for the table she provided them at Elton John’s annual Oscars charitable party last year. 

Lisa, who had invited the ladies to her house to taste her new wine attacked Sutton out of the blue, despite burying the hatchet. The ladies had recently sat down for lunch and Lisa said she forgave Sutton.

Back at her house, an intoxicated Lisa yelled at Sutton, “Come after me as much as you f***ing want but do not bring up my children or my husband. Period, end of story.”  

Sutton Stracke asks Lisa Rinna if she is threatening her

Sutton apologized many times to Lisa. Some would even say, too many times. However, Lisa kept getting angrier demanding a reason for why she had tried to humiliate her and her family. 

She kept screaming that her kids and her husband are off limits and that no one should come after him. Lisa added in her rant, “And if you do, I will come for you to the end of days. If you come for my husband and my kids, I will f***ing hunt you down!”

Sutton sarcastically asked her if she was threatening her or making her a promise. To which, Lisa replied, “It’s a fact!”

She even said that Sutton was the one who humiliated herself. At this point, she was slurring her words and having difficulty pronouncing the word “humiliate.” Nevertheless, she continued in her wrath, “You tried to humiliate us. But you humiliated yourself. You did not humiliate either one of us. You looked like a f***ing fool when you did it. You humiliated yourself and me, Harry, and the charity tenfold, so get ready for that.”

Lisa Rinna tells Sutton Stracke to leave

Sutton Stracke seemed confused as to where Lisa’s anger was coming from because they had already tabled the subject. She told Lisa, “You talk out of both sides of your mouth.”

This comment only intensified Lisa’s anger. She told Sutton, “You know what? F**k you, get out of my house.”

The other ladies look equally appalled and confused as Sutton. 

Lisa added, “If you’re going to talk like this, you should leave.”

The Southern Belle kept her composure and tried to reason with an angry and intoxicated Lisa Rinna

In her confessional, she said, “You’ll never get the soap actress out of Lisa Rinna.”

And ironically, during their lunch, the Lisa Rinna Beauty owner, admitted she enjoyed torturing Sutton.

Fans of RHOBH say Lisa Rinna was acting and trying to create drama between her and Sutton Stracke

Viewers weren’t buying Lisa’s outburst. They believed it was all for the cameras, as she hasn’t had a solid story line in years.

One user wrote, “Lisa Rinna thinking she’s gangster is comic relief”

Another viewer tweeted, “Harry and Lisa were NOT hurt by what Sutton said. Like what the actual hell… This ‘mean girl’ clique is absolutely out of hand and fighting for their lives…”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Leave the show Lisa, and bring your crapt with you!!

1 year ago

They need to get her off the show Iam sorry but she is not all that she try to call Sutton a liar when she prove she wasn’t it pissed lisa off cause it show she was a liar and that is why she pissed off yes please leave the show lisa