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RHOA: Falynn Guobadia reveals how she found out about her husband’s engagement to Porsha Williams

RHOA newbie Falynn Guobadia talks about husband Simon's engagement to Porsha Willaams
Falynn Guobadia speaks on Simon and Porsha Williams engagement. Pic credit:@UpandAdam/Youtube/Bravo

Falynn Guobadia is sharing exactly how she found out about her husband Simon’s engagement to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

The newly engaged couple has been internet fodder for a few weeks now after announcing their shocking engagement news on social media. Fans couldn’t quite believe it because only months ago Porsha was the one who introduced Falynn as her friend on RHOA and we saw her hanging out with the newbie and Simon at their home.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, and now, Porsha and Simon are about to wed. But while the odd couple came as a shock to RHOA fans, apparently, it was a surprise to Falynn as well. During a recent interview, the mom-of-three revealed how she found out about the relationship.

Falynn Guobadio talks about Porsha Williams

The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie has been teasing an exclusive interview with YouTuber Adam Newell and it has now been released.

During the sit down, Falynn dishes on the moment she found out about Simon and Porsha’s engagement.

“I found out the same time as everyone else, I did not know,” revealed Falynn. As a matter of fact, she shared that the morning when things were about to hit the blogs, she got a phone call from something claiming that Simon and Porsha were engaged.

“And I remembering arguing with them, and I specifically said ‘no my husband is a lot of things but he would never do that to me. That is just not who he is,'” noted the 32-year-old. She went on to explain that the person seemed confident about the rumor and remarked that everyone was talking about it, but Falynn said she retorted, “I don’t give a s**t what everyone else is saying, he wouldn’t do that.”

Sadly, Falynn soon found out that the rumors were true.

Did Falynn Guobadia cheat on Simon?

As for how she felt about the news that her husband had moved on with friend Porsha Williams, the former model shared, “Everyone has their own way to deal with pain and my husband is hurting just as much as I am. But this, this took the cake, it hurts. That’s the best way I would describe it, I was in pain.”

As for what led to the demise of their marriage, the Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie is not placing the blame on just her husband. “Simon and I were the ones that were married to one another…and built a life with one another. I blame the both of us. He is to blame, I am to blame and that is all.”

During the interview, Falynn also spoke about the rumors that she cheated on her husband with Atlanta entrepreneur Jaylan Banks. However, she denied doing any such thing.

“No I never cheated on my husband,” she affirmed.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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  1. First off, I feel what P is doing is foul! and Ratchet! and I do not agree when whomever said that you didn’t fit the brand, no your a Bad Bitch, and I mean that in a good way! your beautiful inside and out! And really if a man can just drop out like that then I will say Karma never forgets an address! I am a huge fan of the show and I saw that segment that Falynn mentioned was cRazy of how a certain someone was very disrespectful towards Falynn.
    I thought to myself how would P feel if you suddenly married her x-husband or slept with him while still married to him, that would be huge revenge! but hey some people are just low down and just stupid. I have never liked P loud mouth ass, fake as hell always thinking she right! SMH in her own words “gurl byee…” I have no idea what season 14 is gonna be like?! I think P is just jealous of Falynn and has had several husbands surprised its not Mack truck action!
    don’t cry pretty lady! Falynn good thing you found out about him now than later I feel your pain honey hold your head high those two hoes deserve each other back stabbing ass P, I am getting up set so I’m gonna leave the comment here, except to say Falynn your a classy woman your gonna be fine! Wishing you and your children well! I am Team Falynn! ?


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