Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12: Who is returning and who are the new housewives?

Erika, Garcelle, Kyle and Sutton on RHOBH reunion.
These RHOBH ladies are back for Season 12. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been filming for weeks, but now the official cast list has been revealed. 

There are a lot of storylines that are set to be part of Season 12, and more of Erika Jayne’s legal issues will likely be present as well. 

New faces are joining fan favorites, and it looks like things on RHOBH might be just as entertaining, if not more than it was last season. 

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Which RHOBH ladies are back for Season 12? 

RHOBH viewers are in luck as the entire Season 11 cast has signed back on for another go-round in front of the cameras. 

Erika Jayne, Garcelle Beauvais, Kyle Richards, Sutton Stracke, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Crystal Kung Minkoff are back and filming already. 

Kathy Hilton is also back and remaining in the “friend of” role she took last season. There was some concern she wouldn’t be back after she didn’t film with the cast for several weeks. Rumors swirled she was negotiating for more money, and it looks like she got what she wanted because she was confirmed. 

Who are the new RHOBH housewives? 

Two new faces are joining the already tight-knit group of RHOBH ladies. 

Diana Jenkins is confirmed as a full-time housewife, and she was speculated to be a part of the cast when she was spotted filming. Pegged as an entrepreneur, Diana has an extensive resume and belongs to several advocacy programs and organizations. 

Sheree Zampino will also be a part of Season 12’s cast. She is joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a “friend of” role.  Her history is fascinating as she is Will Smith’s ex-wife, and the two share an adult son. 

What storylines can RHOBH viewers expect? 

There will be some touching upon what is happening in Erika Jayne’s life during Season 12. She dominated Season 11 with her legal issues, and they are likely to bleed over into the new season as well. 

Dorit Kemsley’s home invasion will also be a focal point. She was a victim the night before RHOBH was scheduled to begin filming. Several of her co-stars showed up at her home the following moment, presumably to talk about what happened and support their friend. 

The other women will all have their own storylines, but Dorit and Erika are expected to outshine everyone else with their issues. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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