Raquel Leviss reportedly received death threats following Vanderpump Rules’ Scandoval

Raquel Leviss on the red carpet.
Raquel Leviss is reportedly receiving death threats. Pic credit: ©

Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss is reportedly on the receiving end of death threats.

While she has allegedly been seeking mental health treatment amid the fallout from Sandoval, her family says they have gotten scary threats against them and Raquel.

Things have escalated since news of her affair with Tom Sandoval, the long-term boyfriend of one of Raquel’s good friends, Ariana Madix.

Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules has been the most-watched, and thanks to Scandoval, getting the attention it may otherwise not have.

Raquel disappeared almost immediately following the revelation, though she did return to Los Angeles to film the three-part reunion.

Following that, she returned to Arizona and remained out of the spotlight.

Raquel’s family says they’ve received threats

According to TMZ, the FBI is investigating some disturbing threats that have been made against the Vanderpump Rules star.

Her rep revealed that some threats had been sent through social media. One reportedly threatened to rip Raquel Leviss from “limb to limb,” while another said she should be “unalived” and have her body dumped.

Understandably, Raquel would receive hate messages and be raked over the coals for what she did to her friends, but a source told the publication that the level of threats against her and her family had gone too far.

It’s been rumored that despite Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules being a go, Raquel won’t return.

Vanderpump Rules reunion

Part one of the Vanderpump Rules reunion has aired, though Raquel Leviss wasn’t seen too much.

She was separated from Scheana Shay during the taping because of a restraining order she filed against her after an incident between the two occurred in New York City following the revelation of Scandoval.

Viewers are waiting to see what she says to Andy Cohen during her one-on-one. A brief part of their conversation was aired, but there is plenty more to discuss. Also, Raquel was watching the reunion taping from a trailer and was only moved to the set once Scheana was put in the place where she was after they filmed everything they needed with her.

Tom Sandoval caught plenty of heat from Lala Kent and James Kennedy during part one, and if the same energy is kept for Raquel when she takes the stage, it will be intense.

Rumors circulated that Raquel may have disappeared because she fell pregnant, but that seems to have blown over. She is reportedly in a mental health facility working through her choices and the responsibility she has to take.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Zeleen Teter
Zeleen Teter
1 year ago

Come on! It was an affair, not homicide. They have all screwed each other at some point.

They are all a bunch of ridiculous people doing ridiculous things and judging each other on whom is the worst. I say…it is a fool’s fight. Prison Rules.