Scheana Shay ‘pushed’ Raquel Leviss in heated dispute, restraining order dropped

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay’s lawyer admits to Scheana “pushing” Raquel in heated dispute. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Vanderpump Rules has had its fair share of catfights in its days, but according to Scheana Shay’s lawyer, the altercation between Scheana and Raquel Leviss was anything but.

Scheana’s attorney, Neama Rahmani, says Scheana did not “punch” Raquel amid their heated dispute on March 1 after filming Watch What Happens Live in New York City.

Previously, Raquel had been granted a restraining order against Scheana after claiming her Vanderpump Rules co-star punched her in the face and gave her a black eye.

Raquel even sent in photos for “proof,” which showed a dark circle underneath her left eye — something fans noticed she had months ago while filming for a recently aired Season 10 episode.

Neama says Scheana simply pushed Raquel in the act of defense after Raquel touched her first.

The altercation happened right after Scheana allegedly heard Raquel on the phone with Ariana Madix shortly after Ariana had learned that her longtime boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, had been having a months-long affair with their friend and co-star.

Scheana Shay’s lawyer admits Scheana only pushed Raquel Leviss

“Scheana didn’t punch Rachel. Rachel didn’t get a black eye,” Scheana’s Lawyer revealed in a statement, opting to use Raquel’s legal name, Rachel.

“Scheana pushed Rachel but only after Rachel grabbed her wrist, and Rachel did not suffer a concussion,” Neama continued. “This isn’t reality TV. This is the real world, and Rachel’s actions have real consequences. Rachel filed a false police report, a false medical report and a frivolous petition for a restraining order.”

Raquel was granted the temporary restraining order on March 7, with a court hearing set for March 29.

The restraining order forced Scheana to stay 100 yards from Raquel and axe all communication between the two, making the Season 10 Vanderpump Rules reunion, filmed on March 27, a bit more complicated to pull off.

However, Bravo made it happen by having two separate seating charts that separately featured the two women.

Conveniently, however, Raquel decided to drop the restraining order just one day after filming the reunion.

Raquel drops her restraining order and ditches court after Vanderpump Rules reunion

On Friday, March 24, Raquel had her temporary restraining order against Scheana dismissed.

“I can confirm that my attorney took my case off the court calendar Wednesday and is filing the appropriate paperwork requested by the court today to dismiss the TRO from moving forward after the 29th,” Raquel revealed.

She continued, “We let the court know I will not be moving forward with a permanent restraining order. My team tried to work with Scheana on a mutually beneficial agreement hoping to get the TRO dropped earlier so we could film [the Vanderpump Rules reunion] together.”

However, the hearing was still set to happen on Wednesday, March 29, and Raquel ultimately decided to opt out of it.

Scheana’s lawyer said on the subject, “When Rachel realized that she would lose in court and that she couldn’t just drop it, she decided to not show up at all. We were prepared to expose Rachel’s lies, but instead she will have to live knowing that she betrayed two of her best friends: Scheana and Ariana.”

Neama also blamed Raquel for “shamefully trying” to “misuse our justice system to shift blame to Scheana.”

In response, Raquel’s lawyer said that both Scheana and Neama were informed at the filming of the Season 10 reunion that Raquel was not planning on moving forward with the restraining order.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-10 are streaming on Peacock.

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