Rachel Lindsay reacts to Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ reunion: ‘He used my poor girl’

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay comments on Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ decision to reconnect. Pic credit: ABC

The former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is breaking her silence about another interesting story in Bachelor Nation these.

Last week, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss were spotted together in Florida.

They were holding hands and a few days later, they were spotted kissing one another at a public beach.

Interestingly, while the world was watching this relationship blossom again, a few people close to the couple appeared confused.

Sources said that Dale hadn’t said anything to his friends about his possible romantic relationship with Clare and it sounds like Clare hadn’t said anything either.

Rachel Lindsay is confused by Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ reunion

Rachel is now speaking out about what she’s seeing on her podcast, Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay. She is convinced that Dale is only dating Clare because he wants fame.

“I’ve said he’s in this for the fame. I’ve said he used my poor girl Clare. I stand by those statements,” Rachel revealed on the podcast.

“I’m not gonna take that back because I’ve seen them flaunting their relationship in Florida and having a good time. My girl looks happy. I’m happy for Clare.”

It’s clear that Rachel is not a big fan of Dale, but she has been in touch with Clare prior to her getting together with Dale in Florida.

Rachel revealed on the podcast that she spoke to Clare about two weeks ago and her impression of the conversation was that Clare was not planning on taking Dale back. In fact, Rachel reveals that she was actually shocked by what she saw in the paparazzi photos.

Rachel Lindsay learned about Clare and Dale along with everyone else

Rachel learned about Clare’s decision to take Dale back alongside everyone else. She didn’t have any inside scoop as to what would happen with them.

It was this week that Clare and Dale were spotted kissing on a beach in Florida, surprising Bachelorette fans who thought that Clare was heartbroken over Dale’s decision to end their engagement back in January.

Earlier this month, Dale issued a statement, hinting that there was a chance they could get back together. He admitted he had made mistakes, but sounded hopeful that Clare would give him another chance.

By all appearances, it looks like she is giving it another shot, even if they aren’t jumping straight back into their engagement.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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3 years ago

Rachel Lindsay needs to get out of everyone else’s business.