Chrisley Knows Best: See Todd as a DRAG QUEEN

On this week’s Chrisley Knows Best — Todd is a sight for sore eyes and leaves the ladies stunned after he dresses as a DRAG QUEEN to go do the bingo. It’s a girl’s night out as Julie, Savannah and Todd’s mom Faye head to the “drag queen Bingo” night for a bit of time together.


Below Deck: Sierra blasted by Ben over a SALAD

On this week’s Below Deck, Ben has to give Sierra a dressing down after she totally fails at making a SALAD. The episode, titled That Tuna Is F@#!Ed, shows the posh guests dining on a series of fine food courses dished up by Ben including caviar and foie gras. But one of the members of the party has special


Below Deck recap: The Trevor is a disaster and vomiting dog edition

Last week, Bravo’s Below Deck ended with egomaniac deckhand Trevor saying the boat wasn’t big enough for him and Nico. Or him and Bosun Kelly. Basically, a harbinger of doom for the group working on the outside of the yacht this season. This week’s episode begins with Trevor oversleeping, after his drunken binge the night


Below Deck Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2 recap

Gotta confess that I tuned into the new season of Bravo’s “Below Deck” a little late, having just read all the articles about Kate Chastain’s arrest for domestic violence against her girlfriend a few months ago. Watching a show featuring a star who is a criminal is a HUGE turn off, not gonna lie. It’s


Below Deck: Kelley does some serious FLIRTING with one of the guests

On Below Deck this week, Kelley Johnson does some serious FLIRTING with one of the guests — but will he be able to keep his hands off her? Temperatures sizzle as Kelly gets a radio booty call in his bunk from the sexy female charter guests as they party on deck into the early hours. The


Counting On: Jill and Derick’s anniversary getaway is the cutest

It’s a cuteness overload on Counting On tonight, as Jill and Derick Dillard enjoy a getaway with son Israel to celebrate their second anniversary. The pair are super in love and taking time out to celebrate where they are as a family obviously means a lot to the pair amid the difficulties of life in

Chrisley Knows Best’s Todd: I am not discussing my butt with you

On Chrisley Knows Best tonight, Todd is mortified after Julie forces him to get a colonoscopy. Her reasoning is that she’s going to have one, so Todd should have to go through the ordeal as well. But due to the delicate nature of the procedure, Todd is anything but happy at the suggestion. There are


Million Dollar Matchmaker: Bachelor in Paradise’s Ashley Iaconetti’s endless tears

On tonight’s Million Dollar Matchmaker, Bachelor in Paradise’s Ashley Iaconetti is…yup, you guessed it…crying. As fans of the Bachelor series will know, Ashley is totally hung up on her ultimate guy Jared Haibon — who sadly for her only appears to want her as a BFF. She’s still a virgin, but would quickly change that if she could


Counting On: Sneak peak at new season as Jessa & Ben expecting

Counting On returns to TLC tonight as the 19 Kids And Counting spin-off heads off on new adventures — just as Jessa and Ben Seewald have revealed they are expecting baby No2. There’s already been some recent big news from the Counting On clan — with Jinger Duggar revealing she had gotten engaged to preacher

Bachelor in Paradise: Watch Ashley Iaconetti’s emotional meltdown

Tonight on Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley Iaconetti is back and goes totally off the rails. Known for her massive emotional swings, she says her return is because she’s still in love with Jared Haibon following their never-quite-got-there ‘thing’ on Season 2 of the show. But Ashley admits nothing has gone on between them under the sheets,