Anfisa Nava spotted out with a new man, without her wedding ring — What about Jorge Nava?

Anfisa Nava at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All
Anfisa may have a new man just months before Jorge Nava’s release date. Pic credit: TLC

Is it possible that Anfisa Nava has moved on with another man? The 90 Day Fiance star was spotted with a man identified by the first name Leo and now, we can’t help but wonder if she and Jorge Nava are done.

What makes this latest news regarding Anfisa’s personal life even more surprising is that the competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer was out with this man and was said to not be wearing her wedding ring.

Anfisa may not be waiting for Jorge after all

The latest 90 Day Fiance spoiler comes via @fraudedbytlc, an Instagram blogger and podcaster who regularly and accurately shares intel on what is happening behind the scenes for all of the 90 Day Fiance cast.

She shared a picture of Anfisa and Leo. In it, it’s clear to see that Anfisa is not sporting a wedding ring and she looks pretty comfortable with her mystery man.

However, it doesn’t look like he’s too much of a mystery, as @fraudedbytlc has done a bit of digging and here is what she shared:

“Anfisa stepping out with a new man and no ring! Her new man, Leo, used to manage a gentleman’s club in LA but appears he no longer does. It is as of yet unclear as to how long this has been going on and what this means for her relationship with Jorge, set to be released from jail later this year.”

If this is true and Anfisa Nava has moved on, that is going to disappoint quite a few 90 Day Fiance fans who were hoping she and Jorge would continue to share their life together on screen after his release.

When does Jorge get out of prison?

It’s no secret at this point that Jorge Nava is currently serving time in an Arizona prison after he pleaded guilty to charges stemming from when he was caught trafficking a very large amount of marijuana.

Jorge is said to be looking at an August 2020 release date though, which means that he’ll be free again sooner rather than later.

What’s even more exciting is that, while behind bars, Jorge lost a large amount of weight and now, he doesn’t even look like the same person.

That’s part of the reason that many 90 Day Fiance fans really wanted to see Anfisa and Jorge reunite.

Ever since he went to prison, she has been taking bodybuilding very seriously and it’s changed both her look and her life.

The same goes for him. After going to prison, Jorge changed up the way he eats and also claims to have started working out daily in an effort to maintain a much healthier lifestyle. Whether he will continue that once he’s back on the outside and surrounded by temptation again remains to be seen.

But for now, Jorge Nava is looking pretty good. It’s not clear if that’s enough to entice Anfisa to give him another chance or if she’s already moved on to this other man as seen in the photo above.

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