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Anfisa Nava claps back at internet troll who tells her she looks like a man

Anfisa Nava on 90 Day Fiance
Anfisa Nava is even tougher since her days on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Anfisa Nava isn’t letting anyone insult her without a clap back, as one internet troll recently learned.

As those who follow her know, Anfisa has changed things up a lot over the last few years, with the biggest being her body. With Jorge out of the picture, at least for now, Anfisa has focused on her education and bodybuilding and she’s been seeing quite a bit of success with both.

She’s even won bodybuilding competitions and she takes her workouts very seriously. She also shows off photos from time to time, sharing her progress with her 90 Day Fiance fanbase.

Anfisa isn’t letting internet trolls get her down

Of course, not everyone following Anfisa is cheering her on. In fact, some of the comments that she gets are downright mean but that hasn’t stopped her from hitting her goals.

After sharing a recent photo on Instagram, one of those internet trolls crawled out just long enough to drop an insult on one of Anfisa’s pictures. He wrote, “Starting to look like a man.”

Without missing a beat, Anfisa responded, “I got more balls than you do that’s for sure.”

Anfisa Nava claps back at an Instagram troll
Anfisa Nava claps back at an Instagram troll, Pic credit: @anfisanava_/Instagram

And while 46 people seemingly agreed with him and liked the post, more than 100 chimed in with comments, taking aim at Anfisa’s Instagram troll and arguing about how great she looks.

“Where TF does she look like a man? What kind of men do you hang out with?? She looks amazing! I wish I could ever look this good you need your eyes checked,” one comment read.

Another asked, “where have you been hanging out to see men that look like that?”

Overall, the comments on Anfisa Nava’s Instagram post were positive and those who follow her think she looks great.

In Jorge Nava’s absence, Anfisa has flourished

Anfisa Nava has been on her own for a few years now with her husband Jorge serving time after a marijuana trafficking conviction. He is slated to get out of prison later this year and many 90 Day Fiance viewers want to see them back together.

However, in the time Anfisa has been on her own, she’s definitely proven that she can make it on her own.

In addition to bodybuilding, Anifsa recently revealed that she has become a certified personal trainer and now, she can actually help others get themselves in shape.

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