Natalie complains that Mike’s house is ‘cold’ and ‘uncomfortable’ as she cries about getting her ring back

Living in snowy Sequim, Washington is proving to be harder than Natalie thought. Pic Credit: TLC

This season on 90 Day Fiance Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist have officially started the K-1 visa process and are racing against the 90-day clock to figure out if they want to get married.

Although she spent her first night in the US in a luxe room overlooking the Seattle waterfront, real-life hit when Natalie found out where she would be living full time.

Although she’s all about the outdoors, Mike’s rustic lifestyle may be too much for Natalie.

She feels like she’s in a horror movie

Just the dark, lonely drive up to his home made it feel like she was walking into a scary movie.

“This house looks like from movie. It’s like from horror movies. I just hate horror movies,” Natalie complained about cold, remote tree farm.

Going from a huge metropolis to a small town of just 7,000 people, Mike doesn’t know if his fiancee will be able to make the adjustment.

While she’s no stranger to extreme cold, she’s having a lot of difficulties getting comfortable in her new home. Finding the place way too cold, it’s proving to be a lot to get used to.

The cultural differences are showing

The first thing Natalie says when she walks into Mike’s home is, “It’s all dirty.”

The couple has 90 days to figure out if they really want to be together. The indifferences started at breakfast when she finds his oversweet choice of french toast to be too much.

Instead, she took to a peeler and started preparing some carrots to eat.

In her opinion, this only further makes Natalie feel that Mike was totally unprepared for her arrival. Instead of having healthy options available for Natalie, she’s left with nothing to eat but a carrot.

Mike admitted he wasn’t ready to get married

Although the 90-day timer has started, Mike revealed he wasn’t ready to get married. 

When it comes to their clashes, food isn’t even the biggest one they’ll face this season.

Natalie is super religious but Mike would rather put his faith in aliens. The two haven’t even had children but are already arguing about when and how they will raise them.

At this point for Mike, he admitted, “It’s either we do this or don’t – we want to give it a go and we can at least say we tried.”

Do you think Natalie will make life in Sequim work or will she return to Kyiv?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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