90 Day Fiance: Natalie reveals that her K-1 is approved, Mike doesn’t look happy about it

natalie 90 Day Fiance
Natalie is in the U.S. as she tries to make it down the aisle. Pic credit: TLC

Another memorable 90 Day Fiance couple is back to see if they can make their long-distance love work.

First appearing on Season 7, Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist are back to see if they can get past their cultural differences.

Viewers watched Mike visit his Ukrainian girlfriend in her home country, and now it’s time for her to make the trip to his hometown of Sequim, Washington.

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The two clashed over major topics

Religion plays a significant role in Natalie’s life. She detailed that the morals of the church were very important to her. While she was super excited to introduce Mike to God, her future husband would rather put his faith in aliens.

Admitting she felt like she was saving his soul, she hoped for him to get baptized. However, when she realized he won’t budge on the subject, she questioned getting into a lifetime commitment with him.

This also leads to Mike feeling like she doesn’t accept him and thinks he’s a bad person for not believing in God.

The couple also clashed over their future children. At 35 years old, Natalie felt that she doesn’t have the luxury of waiting. She was open to starting their family while the visa was processing, but Mike wanted to be there for every step.

Mike also dropped a bomb and let her know that a child would be a financial burden because he is currently heavily in debt.

Season 8 will display their K-1 journey

This season, fans will see if Mike’s rustic lifestyle will make his new bride happy.

Natalie revealed that her K-1 was approved in early January, but Mike is worried they may not be able to get over their differences.

In the Season 8 teaser, Natalie admits to Mike’s mother that she hasn’t unpacked her bags yet.

When Mike’s mother asks why she hasn’t settled in, Natalie replies, “Because me and Mike are fighting.”

In her confessional, Mike’s mother goes on to say that this relationship has already hurt her son and that it “probably wouldn’t work out in the long run.”

This season, fans will also find out more about Mike’s infidelity.

Natalie is heard saying, “Maybe I’m b****y, but I’m not a cheater and you know it.”

The clip ends with the Ukrainian beauty in tears as Mike apologizes for sending her home during the global pandemic.

What do you think drove Natalie to leave and go back to Ukraine?

90 Day Fiance returns December 6 at 8/7c on TLC.

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