My Unorthodox Life: Julia Haart files for restraining order against estranged husband, says she’s ‘terrified’

My Unorthodox Life star Julia Hart files restraining order against estranged husband Silvio Scaglia
Julia Haart alleges that her estranged husband has become “volatile, abusive and unhinged”. Pic credit: Netflix

Things are getting nastier by the day between My Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart and her now-estranged husband Silvio Scaglia.

It has escalated to the point where Julia has petitioned the court for a restraining order against Silvio and even accused him of being “abusive” and “volatile.”

Julia alleged that she has become scared for her safety and does not want the 63-year-old to contact her or even come near her. This follows on the heels of Julia’s recent firing as CEO of the company she co-owns with Silvio, Elite World Group.

Julia filed for divorce from Silvio the same day, before being sued by her estranged husband for the alleged misappropriation of $850,000 of company funds. Things are clearly now past the point of being amicable.

Julia Haart files restraining order against Silvio Scaglia

The My Unorthodox Life star wants a judge to grant her a restraining order against Silvio and she cited several alleged reasons for the request.

Page Six has seen the document in which Julia claims, “Respondent has become increasingly volatile, abusive and unhinged.”

“Recently, respondent became increasingly controlling and verbally and emotionally abusive towards me,” she added.

As such, the mom of four alleged that she is “scared for my safety and the safety of my children, some of whom reside with me.”

Julia is currently living in the couple’s $65 million NYC penthouse apartment amid her divorce from the Italian billionaire. In her recent filing, she admitted to being “terrified” of Silvio’s “presence in our home.”

She accused him of allegedly threatening the household staff and of claiming that he will “clean out” the property.

The document also alleged, “He has routinely berated me, calling me ‘a venomous snake,’ a ‘monster’ and a ‘liar,’ in the presence of third parties and at times, my children. One of Respondent’s favorite epithets is to tell me to ‘go f**k yourself.'”

Julia Haart cites emotional distress amid drama with estranged husband

In her filing for the restraining order against Silvio, the My Unorthodox Life star cited more alleged disturbing behavior from her estranged husband.

“In January 2022, I confronted Respondent about his abusive behavior and told him that if anyone ever heard how he acts and speaks to me, they would think he is a horrible person,” the document stated. “In response, Respondent threatened me, stating: ‘If you ever go to the press about how I treat you or the kids, I will kill you.'”

He allegedly added, “I will kill you in the public eye. I will destroy your reputation.”

Julia stated that being CEO of Elite World Group meant that her reputation was “everything”, adding that she had “experienced severe emotional distress” as a result of Silvio’s alleged “threats.”

“I have had difficulty eating and my weight is dangerously low. My doctor and my children are all very concerned about my physical health,” she added.

The court is yet to rule on Julia’s filing. A spokesperson for Scaglia told Page Six, “This is just another day in the life of an aspiring reality TV star, aiming to divert the attention from the factual misappropriation claim just filed against her.”

My Unorthodox Life Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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1 month ago

I don’t blame him for leaving her she babbles on and on she can’t stop talking and has to be surrounded by 4 or 5 people at all times I’m sure the billionaire Can get anyone he wants I can’t believe he made it 3 years! She must be pretty insecure to have her children around her constantly , her assistant, and everybody’s Plus 1. I’m sure he did not sign up to take on 10 people in his Penthouse in addition to her as his wife. She is making up the claims against him.Shes a foul mouthed insecure gold digger.