My Unorthodox Life: Julia Haart sued by estranged husband for ‘illegally’ taking $850k from company bank account

Julia Haart's husband Silvio Scaglia is suing the My Unorthodox Life star for illegally transferring company money
Julia Haart is being sued by her estranged husband. Pic credit: Netflix

The divorce between My Unorthodox Life couple Julia Haart and her now estranged husband Silvio Scaglia is getting messier by the minute.

The latest revelation is that Silvio has accused Julia of illegally withdrawing $850,000 from a company bank account and he has since filed a lawsuit against her for misappropriation of funds.  

This development follows on the heels of Julia’s abrupt firing as CEO of Elite World Group — a company owned by the couple.

Julia was reportedly blindsided by the move, which occurred on the same day that she filed for divorce from Silvio, and her lawyer has called the action “unauthorized.”

Now more details are coming out about Julia’s surprise exit and the allegations behind her firing.

Silvio Scaglia sues Julia Haart for ‘illegally’ taking $850,00 from the company account

Silvio filed a lawsuit against the My Unorthodox Life star alleging that she “illegally” withdrew $850,000 from an account belonging to the company.

Page Six saw the court documents from Silvio’s suit which say the suit was filed over Julia’s alleged “misappropriation of $850,000 out of the company’s bank account.”

The lawsuit alleged that Julia “made the illegal withdrawal upon receiving notice from the directors of Elite World Group LLC (‘EWG’), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freedom Holding, that they would be voting at the next board meeting, February 11, 2022, on a proposal to dismiss her as chief executive officer.”

The suit continued, “The very next day, Haart illegally transferred $850,000 from Freedom Holding to Defendant Haart Dynasty LLC, a limited liability company controlled by Haart.”

According to the filing, Julia’s action is in breach of a signed agreement she had with Silvio not to withdraw more than $250,000. She allegedly used the company account for living expenses and mortgage payments.

Julia Haart allegedly used the company as her ‘personal pocketbook’

While Julia Haart was reportedly blindsided by the firing, a source told Page Six that the decision was taken because she allegedly “ran this company as her personal pocketbook.”

News of Julia’s firing from Elite World Group followed reports that she had filed for divorce from Silvio Scaglia a few days ago.

An insider from Elite alleged to the media outlet that the My Unorthodox Life star had been spending money on “extras like travel, glam, clothes, driver,” adding, “She has a full-time driver and two Bentleys.”

They added, “She has a Hamptons rental, she flies private, she stays at the penthouse at luxury hotels … She has custom Chanel and Gucci [and] she’s one of the top spenders globally at Louis Vuitton.”

Julia’s attorney, Richard Edlin of Greenberg Traurig, said after her firing on Wednesday, “The action taken to remove Julia Haart from her position as CEO was unauthorized and of no legal effect.

“She is a 50 percent owner of the business and one [of] the two directors. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when Julia and Silvio are in the beginning of divorce proceedings. Julia will enforce all of her legal rights and remedies.”

My Unorthodox Life Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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