My Unorthodox Life: Julia Haart ‘blindsided’ by firing from husband’s company amid their divorce

My Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart was fired from the company she co-owns with estranged husband Silvio Scaglia.
Julia Haart was fired from Elite World Group. Pic credit: Netflix

Julia Haart’s recent divorce filing from Silvio Scaglia has taken a nasty turn as the My Unothodx Life star has now been fired from Elite World Group. Reports are that Julia was “blindsided” by the firing from the talent media company where she is CEO and also a co-owner– along with her now estranged husband.

The firing took place on the same day that Julia filed for divorce in Manhattan and her lawyers are now working overtime to see what can be done about her shocking exit.

Julia’s lawyer has just spoken out on her behalf regarding the “unauthorized move” on the part of the company.

Julia Haart ‘blindsided’ by firing from husband’s company Elite World Group

Julia Haart’s divorce has now affected her position as CEO of Elite World Group as she was promptly fired on the same day she filed for divorce from Silvio.

Us Weekly has confirmed that employees at the company were sent a memo on “Wednesday, February 9” announcing that the My Unorthodox Life star was being replaced as CEO of Elite World Group.

A source revealed to the media outlet that Julia was shocked by what has transpired as her divorce has now taken a nasty turn.

“She was completely blindsided by the firing. She received no reasoning and was simply let go on presumably the basis of divorce,” said the source.

The insider also confirmed that the 50-year-old has been “working with her attorney to see what can be done” about her surprising exit from the company that she “worked tirelessly” to help grow over the past few years.

The insider added, “They were in the process of divorcing amicably and talked every day. To use that as retaliation to try to push her out of the company is sad.”

Julia Haart’s lawyer speaks on her ‘unauthorized’ firing from Elite World Group

Meanwhile, a lawyer representing the My Unorthodox Life star has since spoken out about Julia’s firing.

Julia’s lawyer made it known to the media outlet that “The action taken to remove Julia Haart from her position as CEO was unauthorized and of no legal effect.”

The statement also noted that the Netflix TV star owns 50 percent of the business and “was one of the two directors.”

“Unfortunately, this comes at a time when Julia and Silvio are in the beginning of divorce proceedings. Julia will enforce all of her legal rights and remedies,” added Julia’s lawyer.

Silvio Scaglia purchased Elite World Group in 2011 and following his marriage to Julia in 2019 he made her co-owner and CEO and the pair have been working together ever since.

My Unorthodox Life Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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