Ms. Juicy from Little Women: Atlanta in ICU — Here’s what we know

Ms. Juicy has been hospitalized.
Ms. Juicy is currently in the ICU. Pic credit: @msjuicyrsms/Instagram

Little Women: Atlanta star Ms. Juicy has recently been hospitalized. So says a post to her social media, which shared the sad news.

It’s reported that Ms. Juicy is currently in the ICU.

Ms. Juicy is stabilized in the hospital

According to the Meme agency, which manages Ms. Juicy, posted on her Instagram the following, “At this time, Ms. Juicy is stabilized in the ICU.”

The post continued, “The family is thankful for all the prayers and are asking for you to respect their privacy at this time. Please continue to keep Ms. Juicy in your prayers. We will keep you updated with any changes.”  

As of now, the cause of Ms. Juicy’s hospitalization is still unknown.

She was seemingly healthy in the weeks prior and was active on her social media accounts. 

Many fans send their support for Ms. Juicy and wish her a safe recovery

Fans of Ms. Juicy sent many wishes and prayers to the self-proclaimed “Queen of Atlanta.”

One fan commented, “Get well soon, queen (crying emoji, red heart emoji praying for your recovery.”

Fans send Ms. Juicy prayers.
Pic credit: Access/YouTube

Another commented, “Dear Lord, please help Ms juicy have a speedy recovery and keep her family in your safe hands.” 

Fans wish Ms. Juicy a speedy recovery.
Pic credit: Access/YouTube

Although the cause of her hospitalization is still unknown, fans of Ms. Juicy continue to send her love. 

Juicy is one of the most well-loved cast members on Little Women: Atlanta

As some may know, Ms. Juicy was a cast member of Little Women: Atlanta. 

She is best known for all of her catchphrases, especially “Jesus take the wheel,” which is a phrase used by many content creators. 

This feisty and talented woman has an amiable soul and is kind to many. 

Ms. Juicy was good friends with some of her castmates, especially Minnie Ross, who sadly passed away in a car crash back in 2020. 

During an interview with Access, the host asked Ms. Juicy, “after her passing, how did you and the other cast members come together, or how did you support each other in such a difficult time?” 

Ms. Jucy replied, “well, and to continue to film, um afterwards, um we had to take a long break. Because of the pandemic, and also because the love of our cast one uh cast member, it was very difficult for us.” 

Ms. Juicy continued to discuss how the cast had to lean on one another for support. 

It seems many fans are leaning on one another during this time of Ms. Juicy’s hospitalization.

Ms. Juicy is loved by many, and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Little Women: Atlanta is currently on hiatus. 

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