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Little Women Atlanta exclusive: Abira vents to Juicy about the way the cast treats her

Things are going to get a little tense on the next episode of Little Women: Atlanta when Abira tells Ms. Juicy how upset and frustrated she is about the way she is treated within the group of friends.

Last week on the Lifetime series, we saw Abira’s housewarming party, where she called out Ms. Juicy for the way she was questioning Minnie’s health issues. She held nothing back, letting everyone at the party know that when she sees an issue, she is happy to call it out.

Well, this week will be no different and if things don’t change, we can expect Abira to lose her cool, something we’ve seen happen before.

Abira calls out Ms. Juicy and others for telling her to calm down

Abira, clearly agitated, starts to vent, saying, “I’m so tired of y’all wanting to muzzle me but where was everybody saying ‘Calm down!’ when these b***hes was throwing glass and their men was jumping on me? Where was everybody saying ‘calm down’ at that point?”

As Ms. Juicy tried to interject and tell Abira that no one was trying to “muzzle” her, she continued, “But when I react, it’s ‘Calm down!’ You know how that made me feel? Alone!”

In tears, Abira said, “I ain’t got no family out here to protect me. No twin sister, I don’t have none of that. So I’m out here alone while everybody jumping on me.”

Abira continues her rant in the confessional

“Besides my kids, these girls are the only family that I have here. So when I try to mend my relationships with them and invite them to my home, only to be stood up by the twins, it hurts,” Abira spilled in the confessional.

“At this point, everybody is against me. Nobody is on my side so I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do,” Abira tells Juicy.

But when Juicy calls out Abira’s “actions,” the Little Women: Atlanta star breaks down.

But when Juicy suggests that she needs to just put her feelings aside. To that, Abira says, “When you’re as real as me, there ain’t no putting s**t aside.”

Abira vents to Ms. Juicy on Little Women Atlanta
Abira vents to Ms. Juicy about how the Tiny Twinz are making her feel. Pic credit: Lifetime

Now, it looks like Abira is ready to confront the Tiny Twinz for skipping her housewarming party. And we already know that if she does, things will likely get really intense really fast.

Be sure to tune in this week to see how it all plays out.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Fridays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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