Ms. Juicy from Little Women: Atlanta in ICU — Here’s what we know

Little Women: Atlanta star Ms. Juicy has recently been hospitalized. So says a post to her social media, which shared the sad news. It’s reported that Ms. Juicy is currently in the ICU. Ms. Juicy is stabilized in the hospital According to the Meme agency, which manages Ms. Juicy, posted on her Instagram the following, “At this

Vicious fight between Minnie and Abira on Little Women: Atlanta reunion

Little Women: Atlanta’s Ashley ‘Minnie’ Ross comes to blows with guest star Abira Greene as the show’s two-part season reunion erupts into a vicious cat-fight. Abira — a friend of Minnie’s co-star Tanya Scott — had a full-on brawl with Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda Salinas in a car park earlier in the season after making remarks about

Ms. Juicy and Minnie clash in Miami on Little Women: Atlanta

The feud between Ms. Juicy and Minnie hits all-new heights on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta — when the pair clash during a trip to Miami. All the ladies head to the city to keep the Tiny Twins — Andrea and Amanda Salinas —  company as they work at a gig in South Beach. But the whole

Ms. Juicy calls security on Minnie after she crashes Little Women: Atlanta party

Ms. Juicy IS one to bear a grudge on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta — when she calls in security guards to remove Minnie from the premises after she gatecrashes her party. The girls are celebrating Ms. Juicy’s birthday in a big way but Minnie’s not invited after last week’s chicken wing incident. When she shows up