Little Women Atlanta exclusive: Juicy spars with Emily after learning she went behind her back

Juicy is upset with Emily for going behind her back on Little Women: Atlanta
Juicy is upset with Emily for going behind her back on Little Women: Atlanta. Pic credit: Lifetime

This season on Little Women: Atlanta, Emily Fernandez seems to be sparring with everyone. On the next episode, she’ll even get into a heated argument with Juicy after The Cheeks’ manager finds out that she went around her in an effort to secure rights to her song.

In this Monsters & Critics exclusive sneak peek, Juicy asks Emily why she went behind her back to speak to GC. She wants to know why Emily didn’t come directly to her instead.

“I didn’t go behind your back,” Emily responded. “I just went to him about getting the rights to our song.”

Then, when Juicy questioned Emily about whether she thought that was an issue for their manager, Emily responded that “things weren’t moving fast enough.”

To make matters worse, Bri Barlup, who was there for the confrontation between Ms. Juicy and Emily, also didn’t know that her partner went to the Street Execs without talking to her or their manager about it first.

Not thinking she did anything wrong, Emily continues to defend her decision to take matters into her own hands. With her baby coming soon, she felt the need for urgency and that was enough to go rogue despite any consequences that could pop up.

The problem is, Emily didn’t know all the details behind the rights to The Cheeks’ song and now, Juicy has the upper hand even if Emily thinks that Juicy works for them. This really could blow up into some huge drama on Little Women: Atlanta.

Check out this exclusive sneak peek for the next episode of the Lifetime series and see what Juicy tells Emily about the song.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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willissa cannon
willissa cannon
1 year ago

I love all the episodes.