Little Women: Atlanta’s Ms. Juicy brands co-star Minnie a ‘heifer’ as they clash over rival careers

Ms. Juicy and Minnie on Little Women: Atlanta
Minnie reveals her new job while Ms. Juicy looks on in disgust on Little Women: Atlanta

Little Women: Atlanta stars Ms. Juicy and Ashley “Minnie” Ross clash on this week’s episode — after Minnie announces she’s landed a new gig in radio.

Watch an exclusive clip from the episode below as Minnie reveals her new full-time post while making an announcement at a birthday party hosted by co-star Monie for husband Morlin.

The news doesn’t go down well with Ms. Juicy, who already works in the industry, and the pair make a scene at the party as they hurl insults at one another, before Juicy stands up and walks out.

Initially Ms. Juicy just stares at Minnie stony-faced, before telling producers in an interview that radio is her “territory”. She adds of Minnie: “I know she just doing this to get up under my skin, but that’s ok — a heifer can never be a queen no matter how hard she tries.”

Back at the party, Ms. Juicy accuses Minnie of trying to be like her, and tells her: “Get your own life! Get your own career! Stop trying to be like me!”

But she adds: “If I were you, I would want to be like me too.” She then abruptly walks out saying: “I got a real job that I’m about to go to, where I get paid!”

This week’s Little Women: Atlanta also sees Andrea, who has another baby on the way, give Chris an ultimatum. Meanwhile Tanya, recovering after giving birth, is forced to make a difficult decision about her other kids.

Watch the drama unfold between Ms. Juicy and Minnie below!

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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