Exclusive: Little Women: Atlanta star Minnie has emotional meltdown over weight issues

Weight is a sensitive subject for Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley “Minnie” Ross — and tonight things come to a head when she suffers an emotional meltdown while considering undergoing a dangerous weight loss procedure. The moment comes as her friend and co-star Samantha Ortiz and Minnie’s mother Tammy try to talk Minnie out of having

Vicious fight between Minnie and Abira on Little Women: Atlanta reunion

Little Women: Atlanta’s Ashley ‘Minnie’ Ross comes to blows with guest star Abira Greene as the show’s two-part season reunion erupts into a vicious cat-fight. Abira — a friend of Minnie’s co-star Tanya Scott — had a full-on brawl with Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda Salinas in a car park earlier in the season after making remarks about

Minnie’s intimacy with Gary at risk as mom moves in on Little Women: Atlanta

Minnie’s romance with new man Gary could be under threat on Little Women: Atlanta — because her mum is moving in! There’s nobody quite like your mother to cramp your style, especially when you’re newly independent and have just started seeing a new guy. So when Minnie’s mom Tammie asks to move in — just after meeting her new

Minnie’s momma lays into her new man Gary on Little Women: Atlanta

Minnie’s got her work cut out on Little Women: Atlanta this week after taking new man Gary on a date — with her mom! And the meet-the-momma date doesn’t go smoothly for Gary, who is put through the wringer by Minnie senior, Tammie. Minnie met Gary when she hit the speed dating scene with Ms Juicy last season.

Minnie ‘mug shot’ drama leaves co-stars fuming on Little Women: Atlanta

Ashley ‘Minnie’ Ross’s co-stars have it in for her on Little Women: Atlanta this week after the revelations about her faked pregnancy — and a newly discovered mug shot! Minnie revealed the bombshell news that she had lied about being pregnant to Ms Juicy towards the end of last week’s episode. And this week all hell starts