Minnie’s momma lays into her new man Gary on Little Women: Atlanta

Gary meets Minnie's mom Tammie on this week's Little Women: Atlanta, but it doesn't go well
Gary meets Minnie’s mom Tammie on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta, but it doesn’t go well

Minnie’s got her work cut out on Little Women: Atlanta this week after taking new man Gary on a date — with her mom!

And the meet-the-momma date doesn’t go smoothly for Gary, who is put through the wringer by Minnie senior, Tammie.

Minnie met Gary when she hit the speed dating scene with Ms Juicy last season. He’s divorced, but charmed Minnie when he told he’d learnt his lesson, adding: “Look at me now, I’m sitting here talking to Miss Minnie!”

Watch the video of them when they met in the clip below.

However, this week, after a few dates Minnie thinks it’s time he met her mom, and drops the news by telling him: “Me and my mother, we’re best friends. I think you need to meet her.”

She then arranges for the three to meet on a dinner date, and Minnie tells Tammie as they’re walking there: “Mom, please don’t embarrass me!”

Gary has dressed sharp and pulls out all the stops to be polite, pulling Tammie’s chair out for her when they reach the table.

But he then gets the third degree from Tammie, who asks him: “So, have you ever dated a little person before?”

Things then go south pretty quickly, as Gary can’t seem to handle the pressure and puts his head in his hands, mumbling: “Um, um, um…”

With things not having gone quite to plan, Minnie says: “Hell! What am I supposed to do now?”

The date comes after a bad run for Minnie over the past few episodes, where she finally admitted she’d lied about being pregnant…before an old mug-shot came to light.

Also on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta, Tanya grapples with her ex over custody of her two kids, and Monie and Sam offer to step in and help her.

Meanwhile, with Chris out of town Andrea has to deal with her daughter’s health problem by herself, and Monie takes the ladies to a masquerade ball.

However, it doesn’t go well when the ladies become the center of attention — and not for the right reasons…

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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