Minnie’s intimacy with Gary at risk as mom moves in on Little Women: Atlanta

Minnie talks about letting her mom Tammie move back in on Little Women: Atlanta
Minnie talks about letting her mom Tammie move in on Little Women: Atlanta

Minnie’s romance with new man Gary could be under threat on Little Women: Atlanta — because her mum is moving in!

There’s nobody quite like your mother to cramp your style, especially when you’re newly independent and have just started seeing a new guy.

So when Minnie’s mom Tammie asks to move in — just after meeting her new boo — Minnie’s obviously not 100 per cent thrilled.

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Tammie drops the bombshell that she’s “homeless” on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta episode, initially saying it will just be for a “couple of weeks”.

But when Minnie pushes her further she admits it could be for “a month or two”.

Minnie says: “I love my mom, but at the same time I do want my independence.”

However, Tammie has repeatedly had Minnie’s back in the past including when she lied about being pregnant, so obviously Minnie feels obliged to let her move in.

But Minnie is adamant that there needs to be ground rules — mainly that whenever Gary comes round for a bit of romance, Tammie has to leave the house and find something else to keep herself occupied.

Minnie is so worried about it she says she’ll even give Tammie some money to buy tickets to the movies to keep her out the house, so that she and Gary can do the boyfriend-girlfriend thing.

But will Tammie do as she’s told, or will it be a big fat case of awkward?

Also on this week’s Little Women: LA, Tanya’s ex Nico comes for a visit — but Tanya flips out when the other ladies refuse to believe the pair are not getting jiggy with it.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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