Vicious fight between Minnie and Abira on Little Women: Atlanta reunion

Still of Minnie and Abira fighting on the Little Women: Atlanta reunion as Terra and Ms. Juicy look on
Minnie, left, and Abira during their fight on the Little Women: Atlanta reunion

Little Women: Atlanta’s Ashley ‘Minnie’ Ross comes to blows with guest star Abira Greene as the show’s two-part season reunion erupts into a vicious cat-fight.

Abira — a friend of Minnie’s co-star Tanya Scott — had a full-on brawl with Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda Salinas in a car park earlier in the season after making remarks about how they had bombed as hosts at a nightclub event.

During the reunion Minnie rushes to defend the sisters when the fight is brought up by reunion host Terra Jole — whose choice to oversee proceedings during this year’s Little Women Dallas and Atlanta reunions hasn’t gone down well with all fans.

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Watch the footage below as Minnie throws a pile of money at Abira and the pair face off before Minnie makes the first move, moving her hand towards Abira’s head. Things then rapidly escalate into a full-on fight.

Minnie seen looking angrily at Abira, who is facing away from the camera
Minnie faces off with Abira moments before things descend into chaos

Security has to rush to pull Abira away, while co-star Samantha Ortiz grabs Minnie and holds her back.

Terra is initially unable to do anything as things get out of control, with her desperately telling the ladies: “Sit down! Sit down!”

Meanwhile, Monie seems in her own little world, rushing to pick up the money and tidy the studio up rather than have anything to do with the fight.

Tonight’s first part of the season reunion sees the initial part of Minnie and Abira’s conflict. The second part of the runion airs next week.

Also tonight, the feud between Ms. Juicy and Minnie’s mom Tammie takes center stage once again after the chicken-wing-on-the-bobblehead incident earlier in the season.

And it’s not only Ms. Juicy who Tammie ends up having a run-in with.

Meanwhile, Tanya’s relationship complications also add some spice to the season recap when both Nico and Devon turn up.

Little Women: Atlanta Season Reunion Part 1 airs tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime. Part 2 airs next Wednesday, May 31, at 8/7c. 

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