Exclusive: Little Women Atlanta star Monie’s husband Morlin ‘cheated on her with truck stop girls’

Mr Juicy on the Little Women: Atlanta Season 4 premiere
Ms Juicy tells her Little Women: Atlanta co-stars the rumors she heard about Morlin cheating

Tiffany “Monie” Chashette’s world comes crumbling down around on her on the Little Women: Atlanta Season 4 premiere tonight — after co-star Ms Juicy reveals rumors that her husband Morlin has been cheating on her with other women.

Watch our exclusive clip below as Ms Juicy spills the tea to fellow Little Women: Atlanta stars Samanthan Ortiz and Andrea Salinas. It comes after she heard from Morlin’s former best friend and best man Robert — who fell out with Morlin at the end of last season — that he had been going astray while on the road.

Ms Juicy says: “I called Robert and he told me Morlin’s been cheating out on the road, sleeping around.” When asked with whom, Ms Juicy says: “Just random girls at the truck stops.”

Samantha says that if that’s true then someone has to tell Monie as soon as possible so she can deal with the situation, but questions whether Robert is telling the truth. Ms Juicy replies: “I don’t know if he was just saying it to be saying it, but he said it!”

The Little Women: Atlanta Season 4 premiere, titled Rumor Has It, also sees Monie confront Morlin over the claims as they threaten to end her marriage.

Meanwhile, after attending the “Couples Retreat” in the summer Andrea is finding it difficult to balance her friendship with her sister and her relationship with boyfriend Chris.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 4 premieres tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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Ru bur
Ru bur
3 years ago

I hated to see her beg him to marry her. she jumped through so many hoops and each time she did what he asked her to do he moved to finish line. She should have gave him an ultimatum. She’s the prize not him