Little Women Atlanta exclusive: Ms. Juicy gets called out at the housewarming party

Abira calls out Ms Juicy during a housewarming party on Little Women Atlanta
Abira calls out Ms Juicy during a housewarming party on Little Women Atlanta. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 6 of Little Women: Atlanta kicks off tonight with an episode titled No Respect for the Queen and in it, Ms. Juicy is going to get called out for questioning Minnie after she claimed to be dealing with a heart failure diagnosis.

It’s no secret that Ms. Juicy and the late Ashley “Minnie” Ross constantly butted heads, so it shouldn’t surprise viewers that the two are at it again as the new season kicks off.

Abira confronts Ms. Juicy on Little Women: Atlanta

In this exclusive Little Women: Atlanta sneak peek, we see Abira confront Ms. Juicy for continuing to question Minnie about her health.

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As the women sit around a fire pit with plates of food and delicious-looking fruit skewers, Abira gets ready for the fight.

“Well I’m glad you’re out here because maybe that way out in the open, we can get things out in the open,” Abira began.

Then, Abira began to take Ms. Juicy to task, “I like to get stuff out in the open, I don’t mind speaking how I feels. There’s tension obviously. I’m curious to know too… Why did you accuse Minnie of lying about her heart failure?”

Minnie took a big gulp of her drink as Abira took aim at Ms. Juicy, who continues munching on skewered fruit.

But when Ms. Juicy insists that they need to just “leave it alone,” Minnie pulled out her “receipts.” And even though we didn’t see what was written on the papers inside the envelope, we can assume that it has something to do with this heart failure diagnosis that Ms. Juicy claims isn’t true.

Abira calls out Ms Juicy during a housewarming party on Little Women Atlanta.
Abira calls out Ms. Juicy for doubting Minnie’s diagnosis on Little Women: Atlanta. Pic credit: Lifetime

Ms. Juicy has reason to not trust Minnie

While it may have been better for Ms. Juicy to have not questioned Minnie’s latest claim, especially considering that the popular Little Women: Atlanta costar died, Ms. Juicy does have good reason to question anything that Minnie claimed.

Fans of the show have likely not forgotten Minnie’s pregnancy drama and how she even admitted that she lied about it.

Not to mention that Minnie and Ms. Juicy have been feuding basically forever now over pretty much anything and everything, including constantly competing in the same career paths.

This time around, Ms. Juicy isn’t having it though, and she throws the paperwork right back at Minnie. It’s a good thing the documents didn’t land in the fire pit!

In the confessional, Ms. Juicy made it clear that she wouldn’t have even come to the housewarming party if she knew she was just going to be attacked. Then again, when have these ladies ever had a get together that didn’t end with some sort of drama?

Be sure to check out this sneak peek and tune in to see how it all plays out.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Fridays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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