Mother Debbie responds after 90 Day Fiance fans claim she acts like Colt Johnson’s girlfriend

Debbie claps back at fan who says she acts like Colt Johnson's girlfriend
Debbie reacts to fan comment about her relationship with Colt Johnson. Pic credit:TLC

Colt Johnson has a very close relationship with his mom Debbie and viewers have always commented on their tight bond.

The mother and son share a home and a few cats. When it comes to Colt’s relationship, Debbie is also front and center.

Things didn’t bode too well during Colt’s marriage to Larissa Lima after his mom got involved.

And it’s not going too well for his budding relationship with girlfriend Jess Caroline in the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? either.

Fans have been bashing Debbie for inserting herself into Jess and Colt’s relationship, and many have noted that the pair act more like boyfriend and girlfriend than mother and son.

Savage Debbie responds to fan

As if things weren’t weird enough, Debbie has changed her Instagram handle to coincide with her son’s.

The 35-year-old goes by Savagecolt on Instagram and Debbie recently changed her handle to Savagedebbiej.

Since then, the Las Vegas resident has certainly been living up to the savage part.

Most recently she clapped back at a fan on social media who accused her of acting more like Colt’s girlfriend than his mom.

“You are such a mean mom,” wrote the commenter.

“Leave Colt [alone], and let him make his own decisions. Butt out of his life. You act more like [you’re] his girlfriend than a MOM! I’m glad [Jess] puts you in your place all the time. Even with your stupid eye rolls, you deserve it. Someone has to do it.”

Don’t think for a minute that savage Debbie was gonna let that one slide.

She responded,  “I must [have] missed the parts where Jess keeps putting me in my place. Oh, I know, you were watching a completely different show. Of course that makes sense. Probably some cartoon. More your speed. Watch closely so you don’t keep missing things.”

Interestingly, there are lots of other comments much like this one with fans reiterating the exact sentiment.

Twitter fans call out Debbie and Colt’s relationship

If you scroll through the comments on Twitter, it’s pretty obvious that viewers agree with the fan.

There are countless memes and messages about Debbie and Colt’s close relationship.

Viewers have been saying this since we first saw the 90 Day Fiance alum on TV with this mom.

Most recently, when Debbie invited herself to Brazil with her son to visit Jess Caroline, the comments went into overdrive.

Fans bash Colt and Debbie's relationship
Pic credit:@heystaciebee/Twitter
Fans bash Colt and Debbie's relationship
Pic credit:@Adnerb61/Twitter
Fans comment on Colt and Debbie's relationship
Pic credit:@Kaytea98734766/Twitter

And of course, there are the memes.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Shirley Baney
Shirley Baney
3 years ago

I think Deb is just looking out for Volt. He sure is using his list to make his decisions! Jess is not a stable person & is a user, & Colt is understanding her to be in love with him. If he marries her he will be sorry! And the anger will escalate & he will get hurt physically & mentally. She has shown her true self.Open your eyes, Colt!!!

3 years ago

Im not saying colt should stay with Jess,, but Debbie needs to but the hell out and let him make his own choices who he wants..If I didnt no any better i would think Debbie wants him for her self ,,She wont like any of his girlfriends you wait and see