Mother Debbie says she trusts Larissa Lima more than Jess Caroline when it comes to her son Colt Johnson

Larissa Lima Debbie Johnson Jess Caroline
Mother Debbie admits which of Colt Johnson’s women she trusts more. Pic credit: TLC

Even though they aren’t together anymore, Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson are both featured on this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?. Naturally, Mother Debbie has also popped up several times and pretty much plays as big of a role as Colt.

It also is well known that Debbie has an opinion about everything that has to do with her son, especially the women he dates and marries. That’s the reason that Colt gave for not telling her about Jess right off the bat. He was worried that Debbie would be upset because Jess was also Brazilian – just like Larissa.

On the show, we’re at the point where Mother Debbie has tagged along with Colt and Jess on their trip to Brazil to meet her parents. Considering how new their relationship is, most normal people would probably think that is weird, and Jess has shared her reservations about it, but this is Debbie and Colt we’re talking about.

During the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Debbie even accused Jess of using Colt to get a green card. At least it wouldn’t be the first time, right?

Knowing where Colt’s relationship with Jess ends up — spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well — some 90 Day Fiance fans are curious to know how Debbie really feels. Does she prefer Larissa or Jess? And lucky for us, Debbie has cleared that up.

Mother Debbie opens up about Larissa and Jess

It might really surprise 90 Day Fiance fans to learn that if Mother Debbie had to choose between Larissa and Jess, she would choose Larissa. Yes, even after the billion (I’m exaggerating a little bit) fights that the two had while cohabitating together while Larissa was married to Colt.

Debbie explained to Lauren Zima from Entertainment Tonight why she would rank Larissa just a little bit more trustworthy than Jess.

“Because Larissa’s evil, but she’s honestly evil,” Debbie said of Colt’s ex-wife. “I’m not gonna say that, she’s not evil, she’s just … I trust Larissa because I know her and I know what she’s about. Jess is a total mystery to me.”

Debbie was then asked point-blank if Jess was untrustworthy and Colt’s mom responded with a simple, “Yes, Jess is out there.”

Maybe it’s all the sex talk? Or the fact that she told Debbie upon meeting her that she and Colt had already picked out names for their hypothetical children?

“I like Jess but I don’t think she’s the right person for Colt, going in that situation,” Debbie explained. “I think Colt needs to spend a lot of time seeing what’s out there, who’s out there and finding out what he really wants in his life or a partner.”

Debbie went on to talk about how Jess is a party girl and Colt is not. Plus, Debbie really thinks that Colt needs to just play the field and see what’s out there. Clearly, Debbie is not ready for Colt to settle down yet and she doesn’t want Jess for a daughter-in-law either.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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3 years ago

Is Colt ever going to grow up?