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More Survivor 42 cast members were revealed from new season

Jeff Probst Survivor Reward Challenge
Long-time Survivor host Jeff Probst continues to be the face of the show. Pic credit: CBS

New Survivor 42 cast members were revealed within a post shared by fan site Inside Survivor.

The site released the details of four additional people who they say were a part of the latest season of the show. This is in addition to the first 11 names that came out earlier in the week.

The information should not be confused with Survivor 41, which also recently completed filming and will air on CBS in the fall of 2021. The cast for that season was also recently leaked.

The 42nd season of Survivor will debut in the late winter and early spring of 2022 on CBS (likely late January or early February).

New Survivor 42 cast members

Hai Giang, a 28-year-old analytics director from New Orleans, Louisiana was one of the new names that just got revealed. So was Lydia Meredith, a 22-year-old actress from Los Angeles, California.

They are reportedly also joined by 46-year-old educational consultant Marya Sherron from Indianapolis, Indiana, and 28-year-old commutations and media studies student Zach Wurtengerger from Weston, Florida.

As the site always points out when it leaks potential cast lists, these are just rumored names and they have not yet been confirmed by CBS. The site typically gets most of its information correct, though, so these seem like very likely candidates for the Survivor 42 cast.

Updated Survivor 42 cast list

Below is our full and updated Survivor 42 cast list, including the first 11 names that were revealed, as well as the latest four names posted online. There are still three names left to be revealed, and we expect that to take place very soon. Inside Survivor likes to keep the buzz and excitement going, so they rarely put out a full list at one time.

  • Chanelle Howell: 28-year-old recruiter from New York, NY
  • Daniel Strunk: 30-year-old law clerk from Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Drea Wheeler: 34-year-old fitness trainer from Montreal, Quebec.
  • Hai Giang: 28-year-old analytics director from New Orleans, LA.
  • Jackson Fox: 47-year-old from Charlotte, NC.
  • Jonathan Young: 28-year-old beach rental business owner from Gulf Shores, AL.
  • Jenny Kim: 42-year-old designer from New York, NY.
  • Lydia Meredith: 22-year-old actress from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Marya Sherron: 46-year-old educational consultant from Indianapolis, IN.
  • Maryanne Oketch: 22-year-old integrated science student from Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Omar Zaheer: 30-year-old exotic animal veterinarian from Guelph, Ontario.
  • Romeo Escobar: 34-year-old TV producer and pageant director from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Swati Goel: 19-year-old student from Stanford, CA.
  • Tori Meehan: 24-year-old grad student from Tulsa, OK.
  • Zach Wurtengerger: 21-year-old communications and media studies student from Weston, FL.

It’s great to have Survivor back in action

It’s very exciting that there is constant news coming out about Survivor after the show has been off the air for more than a year. We can now start looking forward to Survivor 41 in the fall and then Survivor 42 in early 2022. The producers are also in the process of collecting applications for Survivor 43 and getting yet another season into the filming process.

Fiji has definitely been busy over the last few months and we cannot wait to see why host Jeff Probst called the latest season “super dangerous” in a video clip.

Survivor 41 debuts in the fall of 2021 on CBS. Survivor 42 debuts in early 2022 on CBS.