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Monique Samuels’ husband Chris responds to Gizelle Bryant calling him ‘big boy,’ says ‘It’s very disrespectful’

Chris Samuels says Gizelle Bryants 'big boy' comment is disrespectful
Monique’s husband responds to Gizelle Bryant. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion kicked off last week, and fans cannot stop talking about it.

The most epic moment was undoubtedly Monique Samuels and her binder which was jam-packed with receipts.

And she wanted payback from Gizelle Bryant for referring to her husband, Chris Samuels as ” big boy.”

But that’s not the only reason Monique took aim at Gizelle during the reunion.

In retaliation for allegedly trying to destroy her family, the mom-of-three shared text messages and screenshots of  Gizelle’s ex-husband-now-boyfriend pastor Jamal Bryant with an alleged mistress.

While dishing out the allegations against her cast mate’s boyfriend,  Monique called him, “pastor holy w***e,” and referred back to Gizelle calling her husband Chris, “big boy.”

And now, Chris is also chiming in about the comment.

Chris says Gizelle’s comment is disrespectful

Monique and Chris recently answered fan questions regarding the Real Housewives of Potomac.

And when one person asked how Chris felt about Gizelle’s comment, he did not hold back.

“First off it pisses me off because she addresses everybody else that’s a male on the show by their name,” responded Chris.

He added “…But the whole thing is, it’s not meant to be fun shade for the TV show, it’s very belittling.”

Chris admitted said he knows that Monique and her RHOP castmate are not friends, but said he found Gizelle’s comment very disrespectful.

“Don’t attack me just to get under Monique’s skin,” declared Chris.

“And Black men done been through so much in this nation by being called a boy and for another Black person to try to belittle them and put them down, it’s very disrespectful. I don’t appreciate it and it’s not just a little fun shade.”

Robyn Dixon defends Gizelle Bryant

After the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion aired its first episode of the three-part series, Gizelle and Robyn Dixon also had quite a bit to say about it.

The two friends went live to discuss Monique’s attack on Gizelle during the reunion, and they also touched on the “big boy” comment.

Robyn affirmed that Monique took things too far in the way she lashed out at the 50-year-old.

“You said “big boy” about Chris and then Monique came back and unfortunately, said something really nasty about Jamal,” said Robyn to Gizelle.

“…You weren’t even calling him big boy negatively, I mean he’s big,” she added.  “So it’s just like why do we have to go that low, below the belt? Like it’s not always like that.”

Monique’s receipts about Jamal cheating on the RHOP star may have been harsh but many fans are saying that Gizelle deserved it –since she’s known for stirring the pot.

But Robyn is defending her friend and sharing that people clearly don’t understand Bryant’s sense of humor.

“If people can’t understand your humor…by now, like damn” added Robyn.

Part two of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion airs Sunday, December 20 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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