RHOP fans can’t stop talking about Monique Samuels and the receipts she pulled on Gizelle Bryant

Fans are talking about the epic read dealt out by Monique Samuels
Monique Samuels shows receipts against Gizelle Bryant. Pic credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant got ripped to shreds during part one of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion.

The first of the three-part series kicked off on Sunday as the women came face-to-face to discuss all the drama that occurred this season.

The stunning Potomac ladies were all clad in fashionable canary yellow gowns while observing COVID-19 protocols of being six feet apart.

The distance, however, didn’t stop the women from reading each other, and Monique Samuels came armed with receipts for every single cast member.

First on her radar was Gizelle Bryant, and let’s just say fans are still talking about the epic read that Monique dealt out to the green-eyed beauty.

Monique shares shocking receipts against Gizelle

Monique had quite a bit to say about Gizelle Bryant and her relationship with her ex-husband and current boyfriend, Jamal Bryant.

The mom-of-three accused the good pastor of having a mistress for the past several years.

And it wasn’t just an empty accusation, Samuels had receipts to back it up.

The RHOP star pulled out her color-coded binder and shared text messages and even images of Jamal with his alleged mistress.

At one point, she even shared his phone number to confirm the legitimacy of the texts.

And Gizelle, who remained silent while Monique was pulling out her receipts, even confirmed that the number belonged to Jamal.

The epic read left the cast members speechless but social media had a lot to say.

Fans chime in on Monique’s receipts

Social media had a lot to say about Monique pulling out her receipt book and sharing some piping hot tea about Gizelle’s boyfriend.

The comments were brutal as fans chimed in on all the drama surrounding the RHOP star and the megachurch pastor.

Twitter user reacts to RHOP reunion
Pic credit:@epicblonde76
Twitter user reacts to RHOP reunion
Pic credit:@ItsMisharlie/Twitter
Fans reacts to RHOP reunion
Pic credit:@SmokeyOG88/Twitter

And if you think part one was eye-opening, you better strap yourself in for what’s left to come.

A few days ago, Monique teased even more shocking revelations will play out during parts two and three.

Matter of fact, the RHOP cast member admitted that it’s going to be wild.

The 37-year-old confessed during an interview that  ” …A lot of what you saw…[Sunday night], some people are a little confused. They’re like ‘man why did she go so hard?’ They will see as they keep watching these parts that unfold.”

”There were two shows happening. The one that was happening on TV and the one that was happening behind the scenes. And now with the reunion, they’re gonna see everything that happened behind the scenes at the reunion,” shared Monique.

Part two of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion airs Sunday, December 20 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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