Pastor Jamal Bryant seemingly responds to Monique Samuels accusations that he has been cheating on Gizelle

Gizelle Bryant's ex, Jamal Bryant shares IG post after Monique Samuels accusations
Jamal Bryant seemingly responds to Monique Samuels’ accusations. Pic credit:Bravo/@jamalhbryant/Instagram

Monique Samuels brought a folder full of receipts to the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 5 reunion on Sunday.

And, unfortunately, Gizelle Bryant was the first cast member who felt the wrath of Monique a few days ago.

Apparently, there is a color-coded tab in the folder for every single RHOP cast member.

So during Part one, Monique turned to the section labeled “Last Lady,” mocking Gizelle’s former First Lady status when she was married to Pastor Jamal Bryant.

And speaking of the good pastor, he is the very reason why his ex-wife, whom he’s now dating, was left shocked and speechless by Monique’s receipts.

Monique made damning allegations against Jamal Bryant

It was an intense moment on set when the Not For Lazy Moms podcaster opened up her color-coordinated folder and took aim at Gizelle.

Monique, who has never gotten along with Gizelle, shocked the cast when she shared some eye-popping information.

The 37-year-old shared screenshots of text messages from Pastor Jamal’s alleged mistress who reached out to her some time ago.

Monique claimed that the woman has been seeing Jamal for several years and was even sent photos of them in bed together.

Furthermore, the supposed mistress sent text messages between her and Jamal, and to authenticate the story, Monique even called out his phone number.

And Gizelle even confirmed that it was indeed her ex-husband’s phone number.

The tea was too hot to handle and the mom-of-three was left speechless as Monique continued to declare that Jamal has been cheating on her.

But, one person who’s not speechless is the good pastor, who may have just responded to the rumors.


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Jamal seemingly responds

Of course one would imagine that Jamal heard all the drama that went on during the reunion.

And since his name was all up in the mix, he certainly has some explaining to do.

We don’t know how the conversation went when Gizelle confronted Jamal about the allegations made about him by Monique.

But, he seemingly responded on social media to the hoopla and he’s not letting any of it get to him.

Matter of fact, it seems the megachurch pastor is even finding humor in the situation that went down during the Season 5 reunion.

He recently shared a funny video on Instagram which showed a man sitting down under a pipe of running water while eating his food and not having a care in the world.

And Bryant had a telling message along with the post.

“Give no energy to anything that doesn’t add to your joy, align with your purpose or pay any of your bills. Be at peace!” He captioned the post.


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The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, part two airs Sunday, December 20 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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