Monique Samuels claims Gizelle Bryant’s ex-husband has had a mistress ‘for the past 8 years’

Monique Samuels alleges that Jamal Bryant has a mistress
Monique Samuels made surprising claims against Gizelle Bryant’s ex-husband. Pic credit: Bravo

We already know that Monique Samuels went into the Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion armed with receipts.

And now we know that one of those receipts involves Gizelle Bryant’s ex-husband and current boyfriend Jamal Bryant.

There are constant rumors surrounding the controversial pastor, and now Monique is making the claim that he is cheating on Gizelle.

Jamal and Gizelle’s relationship has come under scrutiny from her castmates this season and they questioned why she doesn’t bring him around the group.

Gizelle even got into a heated argument with co-star Karen Huger, who commented that Jamal lives in Gizelle’s phone since they never see him.

The couple’s relationship was discussed at the already taped Season 5 reunion, and now Monique is spilling some tea and making eye-brow-raising claims against Jamal.

Does Jamal Bryant have a long-term mistress?

Monique Samuels certainly seems to think that Jamal Bryant has a mistress because she said just that during a recent interview.

The Drag Queens singer was dishing about the current season, which involved a nasty physical altercation between her and Candiace Dillard.

The incident left the cast divided, with some taking Candiace’s side since Monique was the one who took things took a physical place during their altercation.

One person who made it clear that she did not want Monique in the group was Gizelle Bryant.

The two women have butted heads since the moment they met, but the fight with Candiace gave Gizelle lots of ammunition against Monique.

However, Monique is not one to sit back and remain silent.

So now she’s firing back at her RHOP co-star and making some damning accusations against her boyfriend, Pastor Jamal Bryant.

“As far as Gizelle, she constantly brings people down with her mouth and the way she is. She’s suppose to be a first lady but she acts like a last lady,” said Monique.

“So when it comes to everything that she represents, I can’t really say too many kind things about her either.”

And as for Gizelle’s boyfriend, the reality TV personality had quite a bit to say about him too.

“I have a whole mistress that her ex-husband has had for the past eight years,” alleged Monique. “And I knew this last season while filming and I never brought it up because I’m a decent person.”

“But forget that. I’ll show em to you at the reunion I promise,” added the 37-year-old.

Gizelle has denied the Jamal rumors

Back in May, Gizelle addressed the rumors during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Andy asked Gizelle to address allegations that her ex-husband fathered a child with a member of his congregation, and the green-eyed beauty denied it.

“Yes. Thanks for asking,” responded Gizelle. “Cause it gives me the opportunity to say that is all the way a lie. And I addressed it on his social media, I said ‘it’s a lie’ and clearly we’re very important if people are gonna make up these lies.”

She added, “Put some respeck on Jamal’s name, he’s doing wonderful things in Atlanta.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion airs Sunday, December 13 at 9:15/8:15c on Bravo.

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