Mindy Shiben opens up about ‘crushing’ blow that ended her marriage to Zach Justice

Mindy speaks about her rough marriage
Mindy shares the moment she knew her marriage was over. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mindy Shiben is going into more detail about her rough marriage to Zach Justice during her stint on Married at First Sight.

We all had high hopes for the figure skater who came into the process genuinely seeking love — and when the experts shared that they had found a match for Mindy, we cheered right along with her.

Sadly, viewers quickly realized — even before she did — that Mindy would not get her happy ending.

After the wedding, her match, Zach Justice, seemed more interested in getting camera time than actually being committed to Mindy.

When he told her during their honeymoon in Panama that he wasn’t physically attracted to her, it was heartbreaking.

Zach betrays Mindy

After several betrayals, including an inappropriate relationship with one of her friends, Mindy was at her breaking point.

However, when she found out that he had lied to her to protect her friend, it was the last straw and she was finally done. Good riddance!

Mindy spoke with Fox News about finding out that her friend and her new husband were in communication without her knowledge, saying it was “crushing.”

She added “I was quite frustrated trying to figure that out. There were text messages that were deleted and everything. So, you know, once I came to terms with what happened and everything, I just tried to look at the future and not dwell on that.”

As for her so-called friend, Mindy has taken some lessons from that as well. “I will say that I’ve decided to choose my friends very wisely, and I only have wonderful people in my life right now.”

Mindy is doing well since the show

The always optimistic Mindy threw herself a party after she freed herself from the headache known as Zach.

“I actually requested a divorce party, that was completely my idea… [The season] was an emotional roller coaster for me, for sure.”

Despite the fact that the eight-week experiment didn’t work in her favor, Shiben says she believes that the experts actually did a good job in matching her with Justice.

“I don’t think that the matchmakers could have predicted his apprehension… I don’t think that the [they] missed the mark at all. I think that they really understood me very, very well.”

And now, Mindy is ready for a new journey with lessons learned along the way. Going forward, she’s looking for “loyalty and commitment” in a partner.

She says, “I’ve realized my self-worth and that I am offering a lot.”

The Married at First Sight Reunion is set to air Wednesday, April 22 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Victoria Glover
Victoria Glover
4 years ago

You are a class act Mindy. The way you handled yourself was above and beyond what most people would have. I hope you do find your true love.