Married at First Sight: Here’s who stayed together on Decision Day and who called it quits

did any of the couple stay together?
Which couples stayed together on decision night? Pic credit:Lifetime

The much anticipated Married at First Sight finale is now behind us, and it was indeed an interesting one.

We can finally confirm which couples chose to stay married after the eight-week experiment and which ones just couldn’t make it work.

If you’ve been following the season some of the revelations won’t be too shocking.

Katie and Derek

When Katie started her speech, it seemed that she was leaning toward ending her marriage, as she proclaimed that her heart just wasn’t in it.

We really wouldn’t have been shocked if this was her decision since she has made it known all season about her dissatisfaction with Derek.

However, in a strange twist, she told the experts she’s not ready to give up, and that she wants to stay married.

Sadly, this wasn’t exactly a happily ever after story for the two, as reports are that they have since broken up. There are also some cheating allegations thrown into the mix.

Mindy and Zach

It’s no shocker that these two will not continue their marriage since Mindy ended things even before the end of the experiment – and for good reason.

Zach told Mindy during their honeymoon that he wasn’t attracted to her and despite her attempts, he put zero effort into their relationship.

On Decision Night, the two sat down one last time to officially share their decision with the experts – and it’s officially over!

Zach tried to muster up an explanation for his behavior, but much like his conversations on the show, none of it made sense.

Michael and Meka

Meka and 31-year-old husband, Michael, had a rocky start and things got even rockier each time Michael was caught in a lie. And that happened a lot.

After a while, it was hard for Meka to trust her husband – and what’s a marriage without trust?

On Decision Night, it seemed as if Michael had the intention to continue the marriage, but Meka had had enough, and she decided that it was over.

Taylor and Brandon

Shockingly, Brandon actually showed up on Decision Night, which caught many of us by surprise. However, he was true to form with his attitude once Taylor revealed her decision to get a divorce.

Brandon immediately stormed out, saying, “I’m over this,” and left Taylor by herself, much like he did throughout their entire relationship.

We already gave away this spoiler about the young couple’s breakout by revealing that in January, Brandon filed for divorce. And by all accounts these two have no business being together anyway.

Jessica and Austen

We’ll end this with some good news by talking about the couple that everyone was banking on, Jessica and Austen.

These two started off with mutual respect for each other, and week by week, we watched them build on their relationship.

We are happy to report that they were on the same page on Decision Night about staying in their marriage.

They both made heartfelt speeches that even had the experts in tears.

And now you know!

But, it’s not all over yet. We still have the explosive reunion to look forward to. That’s when we’ll get the juicy scoop on all the breakups.

The MAFS reunion airs Wednesday, April 22, 8/7c on Lifetime.

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